Mature Massuese

Mary had been a massage therapist for years, but only recently had ventured into the realm of “mature” massages. She was a petite woman with the kind of curves that made most men drool. Her dark hair was always perfectly coiffed, and her makeup was always impeccably done. Most people who came to see her were amazed by her beauty, but her skill in the massage business was what kept them coming back for more.

Today Mary had a client who was unlike any other she had ever encountered. His name was Jed, and he was a handsome, successful businessman. He was also quite older than Mary was, but still undeniably attractive. He had booked an appointment for a mature massage, and Mary was more than happy to oblige.

The massage started out as it typically did: Mary applied the lotion and began the massage, but with a certain intent. She lingered on Jed’s back and shoulders, kneading the knots out of the tense muscles and sending sparks of pleasure through his body. Her delicate fingers moved down his arms and back up again, and as she moved, she felt his body respond to her every touch.

Jed was becoming increasingly aroused, and Mary could sense it. She moved her hands lower and lower, and continued to touch him with more and more intention. With one final stroke across the small of his back, she felt his body shudder in response. She slowly moved her hands to Jed’s chest and lightly ran her fingers across his body, tracing the contours of his toned muscles.

Jed couldn’t take it any longer – he grabbed her wrists and pulled her close. He claimed her lips with a deep and passionate kiss, and Mary felt her own body heat up in response. She could feel his hard body pressed against hers, and his desire was palpable. He moved his hands down her body and cupped her buttocks, pulling her even closer as he explored her body with his hands.

Mary could hardly believe her luck. This was a powerful man with money and prestige, and he wanted her. She returned Jed’s passionate embrace and gasped in pleasure as he ran his hands up and down her body. She tugged at his shirt and he eagerly helped her remove it, revealing his sculpted chest and abs. Jed wasted no time in returning the favor and soon they were both naked and exploring each other’s bodies.

Jed picked Mary up and carried her over to the massage table, laying her gently on the sheets. He pulled her close, and as they kissed, she felt his arousal pressing against her. He stroked her body, sending tingles of pleasure through her body, and when he entered her, she felt an intense burst of pleasure. Jed began to move in and out of her with a slow, steady rhythm, and soon they were both moaning in pleasure.

The massage session went on for hours, and by the time they finished, Mary was completely spent. Jed thanked her for the amazing experience, and Mary simply smiled in response. As he left, she thought about all the naughty things that had transpired in that room. She couldn’t believe that she had had such an incredible experience.

Mary had found a newfound appreciation for mature massages and was already looking forward to her next session with Jed. She knew that it would be just as amazing as the first time, and she eagerly anticipated their next encounter.

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