Nudity Drunk

Nudity Drunk: A Night Of Wild Drunken Sex

When it comes to sex, there’s nothing quite like a night of drunken debauchery that leaves both parties feeling satisfied and happy. For Justine and Damian, a couple of lovers who had recently moved in together, a night of getting wildly intoxicated together was the perfect opportunity to explore their sexual boundaries. They were both so drunk that they barely remembered a thing the next day, but the memories they made that night would last a lifetime.

The night started off much like any other date night. Justine and Damian went out to dinner and then to a club where they proceeded to dance and flirt all night. As things started to get more heated, Justine proposed that they take it up a notch and return home for a night of wild, drunken sex. Damian eagerly agreed, and soon enough the two were in the car and on their way back home.

When they arrived, the two were already very much in the mood. Justine couldn’t contain her arousal as she watched Damian strip off his shirt, displaying his beautifully sculpted chest and chiseled abs. She felt herself getting aroused just looking at him and could barely contain her excitement as they moved to the bedroom.

Once in bed, the two wasted no time getting down to business. Damian’s hands were all over Justine, exploring her body and teasing her ever so slightly as she moaned in pleasure. Without warning, he flipped her over and kissed her deeply, his tongue slipping between her lips and exploring every inch of her mouth. She felt the warmth of his breath on her neck as his hands explored her curves, making her moan with pleasure.

Soon enough, their drunken lust was replaced with an intense desire for more. Damian reached down and pulled off Justine’s clothes with little hesitation, leaving her completely naked and exposed. She returned the favor, eagerly pulling off his clothes as she kissed him all over.

With their mutual desire for one another reaching a fever pitch, Damian entered Justine from behind as she lay on her stomach, her legs spread wide in anticipation. He moved slowly at first, taking his time to caress her body with his hands as he thrust, then increasing the intensity as she freely expressed her pleasure. She felt the pleasure building inside her, her body demanding more as Damian expertly moved in and out of her.

As the pleasure inside her built, Justine felt an overwhelming urge to be taken even deeper. Damian was more than happy to oblige, flipping her onto her back and entering her with a force that left her gasping for air. He moved faster and faster, his thrusts causing waves of pleasure to wash over her body. She felt her orgasm approaching, her body shaking and trembling with each thrust, as she let out a loud, passionate cry of pleasure.

The night was far from over, however. After just a few minutes of rest and relaxation, the two were soon at it again. Justine was the one to take the lead this time, climbing on top of Damian and riding him passionately as his hands explored every inch of her body. With every thrust, Justine felt her pleasure increase, and before long she was reaching heights of pleasure that she never thought possible.

As the night wore on, the two continued to explore each other’s bodies in ever-increasing ways. As the pleasure built, Damian moved Justine into various positions, allowing her to experience different angles and depths. Eventually the two both reached the peak of pleasure, their bodies convulsing in unison.

Afterwards, they lay on the bed in each other’s arms, their sweat-covered bodies still intertwined. Both were still intoxicated and barely remembered what had happened, but they both knew they had shared something special that night. The night of wild, drunken sex had been the perfect way to explore their sexuality and take their relationship to a new level.