Karen Gillan Nipples

Karen Gillan’s Nipples: A Naughty Tale of Hot Sex

Karen Gillan had never before had such a naughty and wild night as this one. She had been out partying with some of her friends and had ended up back at one of their apartments for a late-night after-party. And that’s where her wild night began.

Karen and her friends were dancing and drinking, having a great time. One of the guys that was there was particularly attractive to Karen and he seemed to be noticing her too. She soon found herself alone with him, and he began flirting with her. His deep blue eyes pierced right into her soul and she felt her skin heat up as she looked deep into his eyes.

The man began to kiss her passionately, his hands travelling all over her body. His hands lingered on her breasts and he gently caressed her nipples, sending shivers down her spine. Karen felt completely aroused and wanted more; she wanted him to take her right then and there.

He seemed to know just what she wanted and he quickly undressed her, his hands lingering on every inch of her body. She wanted him to linger on her nipples even more and so she gently guided his hands back to them. He responded quickly and began to tease them with his tongue and lips, sending waves of pleasure coursing through Karen’s body.

He then pulled back and looked into her eyes, as if silently asking if she wanted to go further. She nodded eagerly, and he happily obliged. He swiftly removed his clothes and then laid on top of her, pushing his way inside her.

He moved his hips in a slow and steady rhythm, sending more waves of pleasure through Karen’s body each time he thrust deeper inside her. She felt like she was about to explode from the sheer pleasure of it all.

Karen’s pleasure was quickly turning to pain as he moved faster and deeper, and soon she was screaming out in pleasure with every thrust. He then changed angles and sent her pleasure off the charts, and it wasn’t long before she was screaming out loud in pure ecstasy.

The man soon followed her into bliss, and the two laid there panting and sweating from their tremendous love-making session. Karen lay there with a satisfied smile on her face, already thinking about when they would do it again.

Of course, they did it many more times that night and many more times since then. Karen was truly in love with how the man seemed to know what she wanted and how he could make her nipples so incredibly sensitive. Indeed, Karen had never before thought that her nipples could bring her so much pleasure, but she’s glad they do. Every time they make love, they somehow make it even more special than the last time. Karen truly believes that her nipples are the key to her most naughty and wild nights.

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