Nude German Family

The sun shone brightly as Frank and his family drove to their German vacation home in the countryside. His wife, Lena, was thrilled to be going away for a short break, as were their three children. Frank had been looking forward to this trip for weeks and was a little apprehensive about what it might bring.

They arrived at the house and were welcomed by the owner, a middle-aged German woman named Andrea. Andrea showed them around the house and they soon began to unpack their things and make themselves at home.

That night, Frank and Lena decided to enjoy a romantic evening together before the children got up. They opened a bottle of wine and Frank lit a few candles to set the mood. They laid out a soft blanket on the living room floor and began to undress each other in anticipation.

Frank pulled Lena close and kissed her passionately, his hands exploring her body as she moaned with pleasure. Lena felt her desire growing, a warmth rising in her belly as she pulled down Frank’s shorts and felt the hard length of his cock against her hand. They made love until the early hours of the morning, their bodies intertwined as they moved as one.

The following day, Frank was awoken by a noise coming from the bedroom next door. It was his daughter, Giselle. Intrigued, he followed the sound until he came to her door, where he found her standing completely naked in front of the wardrobe mirror. She turned and saw him, her cheeks pink with embarrassment.

Frank found himself unable to take his eyes away from her body, as she stood there with her hands cupped on her breasts, her nipples erect and her pussy glistening wetly. She looked back at him, her eyes wide with curiosity and desire.

Frank couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and he found himself completely aroused. He stepped forward and took Giselle in his arms, his hands roaming her body hungrily as he kissed her throat and her neck. Giselle gasped in pleasure as he touched her.

Frank lowered her onto the bed and began to explore her body further, his tongue eagerly seeking out every inch of her flesh. Giselle moaned and writhed beneath him, her body arching as his tongue found her sweet spot. She felt an overpowering wave of pleasure wash over her as Frank entered her, his thrusts becoming more and more urgent until they both reached a wild, passionate climax.

The next day, Frank and Lena decided to take a walk in the countryside. The scenery was breathtaking and they felt completely at peace. As they strolled along the path they came across an old farmhouse, and seeing that the door was open, they decided to explore.

Inside, they were greeted by a family of nudists. The father and mother were both fully nude, and the children were playing happily in the garden, their naked bodies glistening in the sun. Frank and Lena were both shocked and aroused at the same time.

Frank could not take his eyes off the father’s thick, erect penis, and Lena found herself completely overwhelmed with desire. The father and mother welcomed them into the house and offered them both drinks. They chatted and laughed together, and soon Frank and the father had disappeared into one of the bedrooms.

Frank and the father explored each other’s naked bodies with their hands and tongues, the father pushing his hard cock into Frank’s tight ass as they moved together in an intense moment of passion. Lena watched as they pleasured each other, her own desire growing with every thrust.

The mother then took Lena into the bedroom and they made love together, their bodies blending as one as they moved against each other in perfect harmony.

Finally, the four of them lay in the bedroom afterwards, spent and satisfied, their naked bodies intertwined.

Frank and his family had found the perfect holiday, one where they could all express their sexuality and desires whilst still being close to nature and the German countryside.

It was a summer that would remain in their memories forever.

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