Laura’S Spanking Corner

It was a hot and balmy summer day, and Laura had decided to spend the day at her favourite corner of the park. She had never been there before, and she was eager to check it out.

The corner of the park was surrounded by tall trees, their branches intertwining and providing a shady spot for her to sit and relax. In the middle of the trees was a small clearing, and it was in this clearing that Laura had chosen to spend her afternoon.

What Laura didn’t know was that this clearing was actually known as ‘Laura’s Spanking Corner’. It wasn’t something she was aware of, and as she explored the area, she soon discovered why. Hidden amongst the trees were several small wooden signs, each one indicating that this was the spot for spanking.

On each sign was an elaborate design, painted in a combination of red, yellow and black. Laura couldn’t help but admire the workmanship, and she was surprised to see the signs scattered around the clearing so prominently.

Curious, she followed the signs to the centre of the clearing and found a small wooden bench. On the bench were two black leather paddles, and Laura couldn’t help but feel excited at the prospect of discovering why the paddles were here.

Cautiously, she picked up one of the paddles and held it in her hand. It was heavy, the leather feeling soft and supple against her skin. She ran her fingers along the handle, exploring the texture and feeling its warmth.

The other paddle was identical, and Laura could just imagine how it would feel as it landed on her bare skin. She couldn’t help but be intrigued by her own thoughts and hesitated before placing the paddles back down on the bench.

It wasn’t long before Laura found herself back at the corner of the park and in the centre of the clearing. She hadn’t noticed it before, but there was an old-fashioned lamp post in the centre. On the lamp post was a sign, which read ‘Laura’s Spanking Corner’.

Smiling to herself, Laura stepped closer and read the sign carefully. It detailed the origins of the corner and explained that it had been a popular spot for spanking since the 18th century. It also said that anyone who wished to renew their commitment to spanking was welcome to do so in the corner.

For a moment, Laura considered taking up the invitation. But then she heard the sound of laughter coming from nearby, and she quickly decided against it. She was sure there was a much more suitable place for her to explore such an interesting activity.

Feeling embarrassed, yet intrigued, Laura made her way back out of the corner and continued exploring the park. As she made her way back to the entrance, she stumbled across a discreet door in the side of the park wall.

Setting her curiosity aside, Laura pushed the door open and stepped inside. She gasped as she saw what lay before her. In the centre of the room was a large king-sized bed, the sheets made of leather and animal fur. There was a large mirror on the wall and several straps, handcuffs and paddles hung from the ceiling.

The room was lit by several candles and there was a heavy scent of incense in the air. In the corner were two women, who looked as if they were in some sort of agreement. One was dressed in a tight, black corset, the other in a tight red dress.

The woman in the corset was making her way to the bed and Laura noticed that she had a large, black leather paddle in her hand. The woman in the red dress followed and it was clear that the two women were about to engage in some kind of BDSM scene.

Laura felt her heart racing with anticipation as she watched the two women go about their business. The woman in the corset was taking charge and seemed to be in control, while the woman in the red dress was submissive and compliant.

Laura couldn’t take her eyes off the scene and felt herself getting aroused as she watched. After a few minutes, the woman in the corset stepped forward and began to spank the woman in the red dress. The sound of the paddle landing against her skin was enough to make Laura’s skin prickle with pleasure.

The woman in the red dress moaned with pleasure as she was spanked, and the noise only served to increase Laura’s arousal. Eventually, the spanking stopped and the woman in the corset climbed onto the bed and proceeded to pleasure her partner.

Laura watched as the two women pleasured each other with their hands and mouths, taking turns to lick and caress one another. She felt her arousal building with each passing moment and soon found herself unable to take her eyes off the scene before her.

The sight of the two women pleasuring each other was enough to make Laura forget everything else around her. She felt herself getting lost in the moment, and before she knew it, she was tugging at her clothes, desperate to join in with the fun.

Before the woman in the corset could react, Laura had already discarded her clothing and was climbing onto the bed alongside the two women. She felt the warm, leather sheets against her skin and the sensation was enough to make her gasp out loud.

Her first experience of spanking was everything she had imagined it would be. It was intense, passionate and exciting, and it felt amazing to be sharing such an intimate experience with two other women.

As the spanking continued, Laura found herself lost in the moment, feeling nothing but pleasure. After a while, the three of them decided to switch things up, and it wasn’t long before Laura was the one taking charge and spanking the other two.

Laura felt an incredible sense of power as she spanked her partners, and soon she was spanking them harder and harder. The sensations of pleasure combined with the tight bondage were enough to make Laura forget everything else around her.

It seemed like hours before the spanking finally stopped and the three women collapsed into each other’s arms. Gently, they kissed and caressed each other, the pleasure radiating through their bodies.

When they finally came back down to earth, Laura realised that she had just experienced something incredibly special. She had just discovered Laura’s Spanking Corner, and with it, a whole new world of pleasure.

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