Moms Naked Selfies

Moms Naked Selfies

Jenny had been fantasizing about taking naked selfies for a while now. She had seen enough of what other moms were doing and felt a pressing need to do the same. She was a thirty-five-year-old single mom with three kids, and while her life was full of stress and responsibility, she still had a strong and healthy sexual appetite.

It was a Saturday night and the kids were sleeping soundly, so Jenny decided that it was time to finally make her fantasy a reality. She grabbed her phone, stripped off her clothes, and posed in front of the mirror. She felt daring and naughty as she took picture after picture, some of them more daring than the last.

Once she had taken enough pictures, she got dressed and grabbed her laptop. She knew that she wanted to send these pictures to a few of her closest friends, so she set up an Instagram account for herself. She made it private so that only those that she approved of could have access to her bootylicious mom photos.

Once the account was set up, she started posting her pictures one by one. She was surprised at how many likes and positive comments she was receiving. She could feel herself getting aroused and she knew that it was time to take things to the next level.

Jenny decided to see if anyone on her account wanted to take things further. She started looking through the profile of her followers and found one man in particular who caught her eye. His name was Mark and he was a thirty-something single dad who lived not too far away from her.

They started messaging back and forth and before long, Jenny had agreed to meet Mark in person. When she got to the designated spot, she was relieved to find that Mark was exactly how she had imagined him. He had a ruggedly handsome face, a strong body and an air of confidence that made her feel even more aroused.

The two of them started talking and before long, it was clear that they had a lot of chemistry between them. They agreed to go back to Jenny’s place to have some “adult fun”, as Mark put it. As soon as they got inside, Mark started kissing Jenny passionately and she quickly felt herself getting aroused. He then started stripping her clothes off and rubbing her body with his rough hands, sending shivers of pleasure down her spine.

Mark then got down on his knees and started running his tongue up and down Jenny’s body. She moaned in pleasure as he licked and sucked her most sensitive areas. He then moved his attention towards her already wet pussy and started sucking and licking her until she was screaming with pleasure.

Mark then moved his attention to Jenny’s tight ass and started licking and massaging it until she was ready for anal. He then entered her with his throbbing cock, pushing deeper and deeper until she was begging for him to go even deeper. Mark then started thrusting in and out of her, sending waves of pleasure throughout her entire body.

After they had finished, they both lay side by side in bed, completely satisfied. As they lay there in the afterglow of their passionate lovemaking session, Jenny couldn’t help but reflect on how far she had come in such a short span of time. It had all started with those daring naked selfies and now she had a new lover who satisfied her every desire. She felt empowered and more confident than ever before, and she knew that she was never going back to her old conservative self.

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