Gay Underwear Fetish

Ronald had been a secret admirer of gay underwear fetish for years. He had often fantasized about the muscled, carefree boys wearing skimpy, skimpy garments and engaging in uninhibited sex acts.

For years, he would discreetly browse the Internet and sneak into pornographic movie theaters to get his thrills. But he wanted more. He wanted to touch and taste the real thing.

He finally mustered the courage to call a male escort service and book an appointment. After a few minutes of small talk, he hesitantly explained what he was looking for. The voice on the other end of the line was understanding and reassuring, and Ronald was relieved to be able to definitely make the booking.

On the night of the date, Ronald nervously dressed himself in a pair of tight white briefs and waited eagerly for his companion to arrive. When the doorbell rang, his heart skipped a beat. He opened the door to find a handsome young man wearing a pair of tight black briefs.

The two exchanged a shy embrace, then began to undress each other feverishly. As the clothes came off, they began to explore each other’s bodies, paying special attention to their newly exposed underwear. The sensation of their underwear rubbing against each other was electric, and the two began to kiss passionately.

Ronald could feel himself getting harder and harder as they explored each other’s bodies. He was overwhelmed with desire and wanted to experience the full pleasure of gay underwear fetish. He moved back, pulling off his briefs and pushing the other man down onto his bed.

The man eagerly accepted Ronald’s invitation, eagerly wrapping his mouth around Ronald’s hardening member. The pleasant sensations of the man’s tongue and lips exploring every inch of him pushed Ronald over the edge and he groaned out in pleasure.

Ronald then looked down and admired the man’s body, admiring the tight black briefs that hugged his body. He moved down, gently pushing aside the underwear to reveal the man’s throbbing manhood.

Ronald licked and kissed his way up and down the man’s shaft, relishing the sensations of his tongue wrapping around the hard flesh. He then began to push his tongue deep inside the man, exploring every inch of the tight depths.

The man’s moans grew louder and his body began to quiver as he reached his climax. Ronald then flipped him around and began to enter him from behind. As he thrust deeper, the man’s tight underwear rubbed against Ronald’s skin and pushed his pleasure to heights he’d never imagined.

Ronald continued to thrust with vigor until the two of them finally reached their climax. They lay in each other’s arms afterwards, both of them exhausted from the intensity of the experience.

Ronald finally found what he was looking for. He had finally experienced the true pleasure of gay underwear fetish and he could never go back.

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