Mom’s Hot Tryst

Mom’s Hot Tryst

Samantha was a divorced mother of three. She was starting to feel a little disenchanted with her life. She had been married for twenty years and now she was a single mom to three children, the youngest was only five. Her life seemed to revolve around taking care of her kids, working and chores. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy it, but she just wanted something different.

One day, Samantha was out getting groceries with her youngest and on the way out she saw a man, who was tall and handsome, paying for his groceries at the checkout. He had a mischievous twinkle in his eye as they caught each others’ gaze, and Samantha felt a certain spark inside her. She couldn’t believe what she was feeling. She quickly looked away and continued pushing her cart out of the store.

However, Samantha couldn’t help but think about the man for the rest of the day. She was so surprised and captivated by her reaction. She told herself it was just a harmless crush, so decided to let it go and focus on being a parent.

When Monday rolled around, Samantha was getting ready for work when her youngest asked her why she was putting so much time into her hair. At first Samantha was confused and then she realized that the man from the grocery store might be at her office that day.

Sure enough, he was at the office and when their eyes met, Samantha felt a renewed zing of desire. He asked her out for lunch and Samantha, who couldn’t resist his charm, agreed. During lunch, they talked and got to know each other better and it seemed like the sparks between them were getting stronger.

The next day, Samantha invited him over to her house for dinner. She was a little nervous, as she hadn’t been alone with a man in a while, but he seemed to be respectful and easy going. The conversation flowed easily and they felt comfortable together. After dinner he asked her out again and Samantha, feeling more confident, agreed.

The date was perfect and when they said goodnight, Samantha knew that she wanted more. But she was a single mom and she was sure that it wasn’t the right thing for her to do. Regardless of that, when he asked her out for the fourth time, she said yes.

On their fourth date, it was clear that the chemistry between them was undeniable. They went back to her place, as it was late and she didn’t want him hanging around too long. Once inside, they started to get a bit more intimate. She was feeling a little wild, and he seemed to pick up on that.

He started to kissing her neck and running his hands all over her body. Samantha had almost forgotten what it felt like to be desired by someone like this. He then moved his hands up and started to unbutton her shirt and that’s when Samantha felt an electric charge like she was alive again.

He started kissing her more passionately, his tongue exploring every inch of her mouth. His hands were tenderly exploring her body and caressing her in a way she hadn’t felt in a long time. She started to quiver with pleasure and he lay her down on the couch.

He started to undress her and Samantha felt almost powerless under his gaze. He touched her everywhere and Samantha felt like she was in a trance. Then he stroked her in just the right way and Samantha felt a wave of pleasure washing over her body.

He took off his clothes and his body looked incredibly attractive. He then kissed her deeply and his tongue was sent a hot fire through her entire body. Samantha was enjoying being pleasured by him and felt truly alive for the first time in a long time.

He then entered her and Samantha felt a wave of pleasure that she couldn’t contain. She started to moan and scream out in pleasure and felt like she was almost in a different world. They both moved their bodies in perfect harmony and Samantha felt like she was going to implode with pleasure.

He then started to increase the intensity and started to move faster inside her. Samantha was taken by surprise and felt like she had been taken to a whole new level of pleasure. They kept going and the passion between them felt like a wildfire and Samantha could feel the orgasm starting to build within her. Finally, they both let go and experienced a powerful orgasm together.

Afterwards, they lay in each others arms and enjoyed the afterglow. Samantha felt like a new woman and it was clear that they both had an amazing connection. From that moment on, Samantha felt liberated and alive and knew that this was something she could never let go.

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