Mom’s Forbidden Fantasies

Barb and Phil had been married for three years and still had an active and passionate sex life. Barb was a forty-three-year-old stay-at-home mom who enjoyed taking care of her three children and running the household, but she was also very passionate about her and her husband’s bedroom activity.

Phil was a forty-six-year-old construction foreman, who worked long and hard during the day, but liked to come home to a passionate wife. He would often tell Barb how much he wanted her.

But Barb had a secret secret fantasy. A very naughty secret. She dreamed of having a threesome. She wanted to be the one in the middle of two hot and sexy men who would please her and make her feel alive again. Her fantasy had been on her mind for some time now, but she had been too embarrassed to tell her husband about it.

Barb decided to take matters into her own hands. She bought some sexy lingerie and booked a hotel for one night. She asked her friend Maggie to come over to her house and explained her plan. Barb would go to the hotel and wait for Maggie and the man she had hired for the evening.

Maggie was very supportive of Barb’s plan and happy to help. She told Barb to not worry and just go for it. So Barb drove to the hotel, feeling excited and nervous at the same time, not knowing what to expect.

When Barb entered the hotel room, she saw the man she had hired waiting for her. His name was Steve, and he was just as handsome as she expected him to be. He had brown hair, blue eyes, and an amazing body.

Barb and Steve sat down at the edge of the bed, and he began to massage her body. Barb felt like a goddess as his strong hands made their way all over her body, finding pleasure in each move. Steve then leaned in and kissed her softly, his lips pressing against hers with longing. Barb felt her heart beat faster, and her body trembling with anticipation.

Steve then began to undress Barb, taking off her clothes piece by piece as he made his way down her body. He explored each and every inch of her body with his hands and mouth, discovering her every pleasure point and driving her wild.

Suddenly, Maggie entered the room and instantly felt the intimate atmosphere between them. She had a knowing twinkle in her eye as she watched Steve pleasuring her best friend. Maggie then joined them on the bed, taking off her own clothes.

Barb was in heaven as she watched the two people pleasuring her. The feeling of being wanted by two lovers at the same time was indescribable. She felt like she was floating in a world of pleasure.

Maggie and Steve kept exploring every inch of Barb’s body, igniting every pleasure point as they went. They licked and kissed her body all over, making her gasp and moan with pleasure. Barb held on to their bodies with all her might as they pleased her, and finally, when she felt she couldn’t take any more pleasure, she felt a sudden surge in her body, and she peaked in an intense orgasm.

After intense and passionate sex session, all three of them lay on the bed, panting and satisfied. Barb rested her head on Steve’s chest and felt Maggie’s body close to hers, and thought to herself “this is my forbidden fantasy come true!”.

In the following weeks, even after they saw each other goodnight, Barb kept dreaming of Steve and Maggie, and she could not wait to experience the pleasure of both lovers again. From then on, Barb and her new two lovers would often meet in the secret hotel room to enjoy passionate and naughty sex together.

Their journey of passionate pleasure was far from over. Barb was now free to enjoy her naughty fantasies. She was free to experience the beauty of her forbidden fantasies with Steve and Maggie by her side.

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