Milking Men

Milking Men – a Hot Sex Story

Sheila was feeling particularly frisky this morning and decided that in lieu of the usual morning routine of coffee, checking emails and light housekeeping, she would treat herself instead to a little something special.

Nestled away in her bed, her mind drifted off to thoughts of creamy white skin and rippling muscles, and after a few moments she began to blush with excitement.

She always enjoyed being creative in the bedroom, and her current fantasy was no exception. Today it was all about milking men; something she had never explored before but wanted badly to try.

Gathering her clothes, Sheila quickly dressed and made her way to the local BDSM club. It was an upscale establishment with an alluring atmosphere, one that promised an evening of scandalous pleasure.

Sheila made her way to the dance floor, her skin prickling with anticipation. In the shadows of the room lurked a variety of men, many of whom were sipping on drinks or searching out a dance partner.

But it wasn’t a dance partner that Sheila was looking for. She wanted a man – or a few men – who were experienced with milking.

Sheila made her way around the room and soon found herself in the corner, face to face with a tall, handsome man. He had a wild look about him, a devilishness that seemed to go beyond the standard tattoos, piercings and clothing.

The man introduced himself as Brandon, and Sheila quickly learned that he was into extreme BDSM. He explained that he enjoyed milking men, and revealed that he had a few willing partners who were also up for the task.

The two began talking, and soon Sheila learned that Brandon and his partners enjoyed all types of sexual activities, including everything from light bondage to more extreme BDSM.

Brandon also boasted that he knew all the tricks of the trade when it came to milking men. He said he could make them scream in pleasure, and promised Sheila a night of unforgettable pleasure.

Sheila was eager to get started, and without another word the two headed off to a nearby hotel room. Inside the room, Sheila was taken aback by the variety of toys and tools Brandon and his partners had brought with them.

The room also appeared to be set up for milking, with a variety of straps and harnesses as well as a large tub of warm milk. Sheila was intrigued, but had never experienced anything quite like it before.

Brandon and his partners soon had Sheila strapped and blindfolded, and to her surprise, she found that the sensation of being milked was a whole new world of delightful pleasure.

As the milk slowly dripped over her body, Sheila began to moan with delight, her body quivering with each drop of milk that touched her skin. The sensations were both intense and amazing, and as the milk began to move further down her body, Sheila soon found herself in a state of complete bliss.

When the session was finally over, Sheila was amazed at how wonderful she felt. She could hardly believe that something so wild and naughty could be so pleasurable.

As Sheila made her way back home, she was already fantasizing about her next milking session. She knew that she wanted to explore more, to push the boundaries of pleasure even further.

But for now, she was content with her first experience, her body still buzzing from the pleasure of the experience. She knew that she needed to take things slow; there was still so much to learn about milking men, and Sheila was determined to explore it all.

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