Humiliated By My Best Friends

Heather and I had been best friends since it seemed like the dawn of time. We had been through thick and thin together, shared every intimate detail of our lives, and always had each other’s backs no matter what. We were so close that our families often had us mistaken for sisters, and sometimes it felt like were, even though we had no biological connection.

We were now 26 and our lives were taking us down two very different paths. As the years had past, we had both developed an interest in the opposite sex, though mine was much more pronounced than hers. I had gone out on countless dates and had experimented sexually in a way that Heather had not. For her, the idea of having sex with someone was still a distant concept.

Heather and I were out celebrating her 26th birthday when we ran into a group of her other friends. I’d never met them before, but they seemed pleasant enough and we decided to hang out. We started off at the bar, where I discovered that the group included two guys, one of which was absolutely gorgeous. We chatted and drank, and I become increasingly aware that the delicious hottie was flirting with me.

Before long, his friend and Heather had wandered off and the two of us were alone. We started talking more intimately and soon we were kissing passionately. It had been a while since I’d kissed someone with such abandon and I was loving it. We were eventually interrupted by Heather and her friend, who had been searching for us. Heather was clearly uncomfortable and I could see why; she had been my best friend for over a decade and was now seeing me kissing a stranger.

The situation quickly turned into a farce when I proposed that the four of us go back to my place. I could tell Heather was uncomfortable but I didn’t care. I wanted to continue my night with this hottie and the idea of having my friend join us made it even more exciting. Despite her reluctance, Heather agreed.

Once we got back to my place, things started to get even more interesting. I started kissing the hottie and Heather’s friend moved in to join us. Without warning, Heather pulled me away from them and started undressing me. I was shocked, but also excited by the attention. I was even more aroused when Heather pushed me to the bed, telling me to lay back and let her take control.

Heather then proceeded to give me a show that I’ll never forget. She used her hands and tongue in ways I could have never imagined and had me moaning in pleasure before long. Meanwhile, her friend and the hottie were watching and encouraging her every move. Eventually, her friend joined in and started to caress and kiss me as he watched Heather work her magic.

The sensations were overwhelming and I was quickly brought to the brink of ecstasy. But Heather wasn’t done. She then pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed me to the bed. I was completely immobilized and completely humiliated.

Heather and her friend started kissing each other as the hottie and I watched. I started to feel increasingly embarrassed as the two of them explored each other’s bodies. I was then subjected to further humiliation when the hottie started to undress and Heather instructed him to enter me from behind.

The hottie did as he was told and soon he was thrusting inside me as Heather and her friend watched. The sensations were intense and I thrashed around in pleasure, unable to do anything but take it. By the time the hottie was finished, I was trembling with pleasure and would never forget the experience.

Afterwards, Heather and her friend released me from the handcuffs. I was shaken and embarrassed, but Heather simply hugged me and told me that she was proud of me. I had been humiliated in front of them, but I had managed to keep my composure. That was one of the most amazing sexual experiences of my life.

My humiliation that night opened up a whole new world of sexual exploration for me. I had been opened up to a world of exhibitionism and humiliation that I had never experienced before. I’ve since realized that there is a certain pleasure to be gained from being humiliated. As Heather and I continued to explore our wilder sides, I was grateful not to have been judged for my desires.

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