Micropenis Condoms

The night had been long and tiring. After a long day at work, Mark had finally made it home and it was time for him to unwind. He had just walked into his bedroom when he heard a loud knocking on his door. His heart skipped a beat as he wondered who it could be and what they wanted. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door to find a stunningly beautiful woman, dressed in nothing but a tight black dress.

“Hello, my name is Michelle,” she said. “I’m here to offer you something special tonight.”

Mark was taken aback for a moment and before he could say anything, Michelle continued.

“I’m an escort, and I specialize in something extra special. Specifically, I specialize in micropenis condoms. No matter what your size is, I can provide you with a condom that will make your experience even better.”

Mark hesitated for a moment before he nodded his head. He had heard about micropenis condoms before, and although he was a bit hesitant, he wanted to try it. He had already had a few partners in the past, but their experiences hadn’t been quite as pleasurable as he had hoped.

In a matter of moments, Michelle had taken out a selection of micropenis condoms and placed them on the bed. She then took off her dress and lay next to Mark, wrapping her arms around him.

Mark could feel his heart pounding as he took in his sexy companion. Michelle looked amazing, and he felt his manhood growing as he took her in. She moved her hands up and down his body, exploring every inch of his skin. Mark could feel himself almost trembling with anticipation as he felt her touch.

With her hands still exploring his chest, Michelle leaned forward and captured his lips in a passionate kiss. Mark was overwhelmed by the sensation and responded eagerly. As the kiss deepened, he felt his need for her intensifying until he couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled away and with a mischievous grin, Michelle grabbed one of the micropenis condoms and handed it over.

Mark eagerly put it on as Michelle continued exploring his body with her hands. As she caressed him, Mark felt himself almost trembling with pleasure. Michelle then straddled him, guiding his eager member deep inside of her.

Mark had never felt anything like this before. It was like his pleasure was magnified tenfold, and he almost couldn’t take it anymore. He felt himself involuntarily thrusting deep inside of her while she moaned in pleasure. The sensations kept growing until finally both of them were overwhelmed with pleasure, climaxing together in a powerful wave.

When it was over, Mark collapsed onto the bed, feeling completely satisfied. He had just experienced something that he had never experienced before, and he couldn’t believe how amazing it had felt. He thanked Michelle for the experience and after a few moments, she got up, got dressed and left.

Mark lay in bed for a few moments afterwards, savoring the experience he had just had. He couldn’t believe how amazing micropenis condoms had been, and he thanked himself for trying something different. From then on, he always used them whenever he was with a partner and the experience was always that much better.

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