Ageplay Audios

When Conner discovered ageplay audios, he had no idea what he was in for. He had stumbled across them by accident, but from the moment he heard some of the samples, he was intrigued. He was used to listening to conventional audio recordings, and these ageplay audios were so much more engaging. It was like the audio recordings had suddenly come to life and were calling out to him.

The audios were of a man and a woman engaging in ageplay. The woman was the older partner, and the man was her “little”. Conner found himself strangely drawn to them. The concept of a little was something Conner had always been vaguely interested in, but he had never pursued it as a legitimate form of sexual exploration. The audios presented a safe and consensual way for him to explore this exciting world.

As he listened to more of the ageplay audios, Conner became increasingly aroused. The audios were incredibly detailed and explicit, but never crossing the line into anything illegal. He was intrigued by the roleplay and the opportunity to explore his submissive side with an experienced dominatrix. As the audios played out, he was transported to another world, one where he was no longer the independent businessman with all the control, but rather a young boy in the hands of an experienced woman who could make all his fantasies come true.

He found himself completely entranced by the audios, and each one was more exciting than the last. After listening to several of the ageplay audios, Conner was more than ready to experience this new form of sexual exploration. He decided to look into seeking out a professional who specialized in ageplay.

Through some research, Conner found a woman who ran a brothel that specialized in ageplay services. After messaging her and discussing his desires, he made an appointment. On the night of the appointment, he was nervous but also excited. When he arrived at the brothel, he was greeted by the woman he had spoken to and led to a private room.

Once inside the room, the woman explained to Conner the rules and expectations of ageplay. She assured him that everything would be consensual, and that he had nothing to worry about. After that, she invited Conner to become her “little”. She took on the role of mommy and guided him through the process of ageplay.

Conner found himself surprisingly comfortable in her presence. He had expected to be overwhelmed by the experience, but he found himself quickly falling into the role of little. After some gentle guidance, Conner quickly began to embrace his new role.

The session began with some light conversation and touching. The woman asked Conner questions and got to know him better in order to truly understand his desires. As they talked, she slowly started to more provocative and intimate topics. She asked him questions about his fantasies, and he found himself opening up more as the conversation went on.

Once the talking was out of the way, it was time for the physical aspect of ageplay to begin. The woman started by lightly spanking Conner, followed by some kissing and caressing. She then proceeded to strip him and began exploring his body with her hands and mouth. She ran her hands over his body, teasing and titillating him. She manipulated his nipples and played with his genitals.

Conner found himself lost in pleasure and arousal. He was already feeling dizzy and overwhelmed, and the woman had only just begun. She then moved to the bed and placed Conner on his back. She began to perform oral sex on him, and Conner was lost in her ministrations. She licked and sucked, tantalizing and teasing him until he was weak with pleasure.

Once Conner was sufficiently aroused, the woman began to straddle him and slide him inside her. She rode him passionately, pushing him higher and higher until they were both trembling with pleasure. When they reached their climax, their bodies were entwined in a sweaty embrace.

Afterwards, the woman cuddled Conner like a child, murmuring sweet and affectionate words into his ear. After the session was over, Conner felt like a new person. He felt fulfilled and energized, and he could not wait for his next ageplay session.

Ageplay audios had quickly become Conner’s new favorite form of sexual exploration. He had discovered a new world to explore and was eager to return time and again. Whenever he needed to escape into a world of pleasure, he could now turn to ageplay audios, and he was forever grateful that he had discovered them.

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