Masturbation Confessions

Alyssa couldn’t help but to flush with a deep embarrassment as she entered the secluded room. She had signed up for Masturbation Confessions–a daring new website that allowed people to anonymously share and discuss their most intimate thoughts about masturbation.

She had been hesitant to join at first, as she was nervous about anyone finding out what she was doing. But something about the risk of entrusting her thoughts to strangers in a safe environment stirred something inside her.

Her fingers trembled as she clicked on the login button and entered her username and password. The page filled with the site’s available confessors, each of them posting their own stories and experiences. She finally chose to read the confession of someone who identified as a man.

The confession began with a detailed description of the man’s experience. His arousal had built slowly, he explained, as he explored his body with intention, focusing on places that would bring him pleasure.

Alyssa found herself captivated by the man’s words as he described in detail his pleasuring of himself. She imagined the way his body would feel against her own, the sensation of his skin against hers, and a deep longing began to swell within her.

He went on to explain his journey to a powerful orgasm, finally revealing that he had been fantasizing about a certain kind of woman as he pleasured himself. Alyssa could almost feel her heart racing with excitement, as he detailed his desires for a slut, a hooker, an escort, even a prostitute.

The man’s story had awakened something within her, and Alyssa soon found herself longing to explore her own desires more deeply. With a deep breath, she began to type her own confession.

She wrote of how she had begun by teasing her nipples as she lay in her bed, her fingers tracing slow circles around each of them, barely touching the sensitive skin before continuing on. As her arousal built, her touch became harder and more desperate; she wanted to feel something more.

Alyssa continued with her confession, describing in detail how she had imagined being in the arms of a man as she pleasured herself, of the sensation of his body pressing against her own, the way his hands and mouth explored her own body.

Without warning, she had quickly been overcome with a powerful orgasm. In the moments before it had subsided, Alyssa found herself wishing she could experience something like that with someone in real life.

After submitting her confession, Alyssa clicked through a few more of the site’s confessions. She was surprised to find that many of them were even more daring than her own. People were discussing everything from BDSM to threesomes, and she quickly found herself feeling bolder.

Finally, after reading a particularly sexy confession, Alyssa felt an overwhelming urge to act on the desires that she had been exploring. She knew exactly what she wanted to do.

A few days later, Alyssa had arranged for a meeting with a high-class escort. She nervously stepped into the brothel, not sure what to expect.

As the escort led her to a private room, Alyssa’s heart raced with anticipation. She had never been in a situation like this before, but she could feel her own excitement beginning to grow.

The escort had soon been undressed and Alyssa felt her body responding in ways she had never experienced before. His touch was gentle and experienced, and his mouth knew exactly what to do to make her quiver with pleasure.

As their session progressed, Alyssa felt a part of herself finally awakening. She had never expected such pleasure to come from confessing her feelings and desires, but it had. She knew that she would be visiting Masturbation Confessions again and she couldn’t wait to uncover more of her hidden desires.

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