Carol Vorderman Anal

Carol Vorderman Anal – A Naughty and Hot Sex Story

It all started when Carol Vorderman decided to embrace her naughty side and do something that she had always wanted to do – experience anal sex. She had heard about it from her friends, and had become more and more curious about it. She wanted to find out if it was all that it was cracked up to be.

So one weekend, she decided to make her way to a local brothel and experience things for herself. She was a little bit nervous as she entered the building, but was excited to finally have the chance to experiment and try something new.

The brothel was dark and sultry, and she could feel the heat radiating off the walls. She was led down a hallway and into one of their more private rooms. This was the room that she was going to use for her anal experience. She couldn’t believe how luxurious it was.

When the door opened, Carol was taken aback by the man that was already there waiting for her, He was tall and muscular, and his dark eyes seemed to penetrate her soul. She couldn’t help but feel aroused and eager to jump into whatever he had planned for her.

She approached him with a smile and he asked her how she was feeling. She told him that she was a bit nervous but also very excited. She felt comfortable around him, and he seemed to understand her apprehension.

He asked her to sit down and he began to explain what was about to happen. He explained that he was going to give her an experience of a lifetime – he was going to start off by giving her a blowjob and then move on to anal sex.

Carol was shocked but excited at the same time. She had never done anything like this before and she couldn’t wait to experience it. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs as he got to work.

He started by licking and sucking on her clit and she felt like she was in heaven. His tongue worked her over and soon she was moaning in pleasure. Her body was twisting and turning with pleasure as he moved up and down her body.

When she was nice and aroused, he turned his attention to her tight little asshole. He licked around the opening and she could feel her muscles relaxing and opening up in anticipation. He ran his tongue up and down her crack and soon she was begging for more.

He pushed his tongue inside of her and she moaned out loudly in pleasure. He was an expert at what he was doing and she could feel her orgasm building. He kept up the rhythm and soon she was screaming out in pleasure.

When she had finished, he flipped her over and penetrated her from behind. His cock was huge and he was surprisingly gentle. He moved in and out of her slowly, and she loved the sensation of her tight little asshole being filled up.

As he moved faster and harder, she found herself moving with him and soon she was coming hard and fast. He pumped in and out of her until he finally came inside of her. She felt filled up and satisfied after their naughty session.

Carol laid there wondering what she had gotten herself into. She had found out that anal was an experience like she had never had before and she was already planning her next visit. She knew she would be back soon!

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