Male Spanking Contacts

Sean had always been a bit of a naughty guy. He had a wild streak that was often difficult to control. When the opportunity came up to explore his kinkier side, he jumped at the chance.

He had seen ads for male spanking contacts on the internet, and although he had never tried it before, he was intrigued by the concept. He started to investigate and found out that it was perfectly legal to do.

With that knowledge, he took the plunge and arranged a meeting with a male spanking contact. He didn’t know what to expect, but he knew it was going to be an exciting experience.

At the agreed time, Sean arrived at a hotel room where he was met by his contact. He was an older man, in his late fifties or early sixties, with a strong, intimidating presence. He greeted Sean with a curt nod and asked him to strip.

Sean obliged, stripping down to his underwear. His contact then asked him to turn around and faced the wall. Then, he started to spank Sean’s buttocks with his hand. The sensation was both intense and pleasurable, and within minutes, Sean was moaning with pleasure.

The spanking continued for what felt like hours, with Sean’s contact taking frequent breaks to run his hands over Sean’s buttocks and his inner thighs. The touches were gentle and intimate, and the experience was incredibly arousing.

At some point, Sean’s contact decided to introduce a new element to their session. He asked Sean to kneel on the bed and presented him with a pair of handcuffs. He then proceeded to cuff Sean’s hands behind his back and secured them to the bed frame.

Sean was now completely at his contact’s mercy, and he felt a mixture of fear and excitement as his contact took pleasure in exploring his body. His contact did not rush, taking his time to pleasure Sean, teasing and tantalising his most intimate areas and ravishing him with his attention.

Finally, when Sean was on the brink of orgasm, his contact pulled out a vibrator. Sean gasped in pleasure and anticipation as his contact inserted the device and puzzled it on low. The vibrations sent electric shocks of pleasure through Sean, and he felt himself slipping over the edge into a blissful orgasm.

Sean lay there afterwards, basking in the afterglow of the intense experience. He had just experienced something brand new, and he felt a sense of accomplishment at having explored his kinkier desires.

He thanked his contact and thanked him for his services. He then left the hotel room feeling a renewed sense of confidence and sexual freedom. From then on, he was more than willing to experiment with different kinks and explore his wild side.