First Time At A Gay Sauna

First Time At A Gay Sauna

I had heard so much about the gay sauna scene and was really nervous but also excited about my first visit to a gay sauna. I had been out for a few years and I thought it was about time I went and explored what I had heard so much about.

I had been told there were two types of saunas, the seedy and sleazy places where a guy could pay for sex and the more upmarket places where the emphasis was on socialising and relaxation. I decided to go to the latter, so I chose a gay sauna in the centre of town.

When I arrived it was already dark outside and I was a little intimidated as I pushed open the heavy metal door. Inside it was quite dimly lit and I was surrounded by a few other guys, some lounging on chairs, some standing around and some in the steam room. Everyone was very friendly, and the atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming.

I started to feel more at ease and began to wander around the premises, checking out the facilities on offer. There were two Jacuzzis, one hot and one cool, and I slowly dipped my toe in the hot one, feeling the warmth and relaxation as I stood for a few moments. I also explored the changing rooms, the steam room and the aesthetic area, where there was a range of massage and beauty treatments being offered.

As I continued to wander around, I kept noticing glances from other guys, and before long I found myself chatting to one of them. His name was Jack, and he was around my age. We chatted for a while, and he told me he was a regular here and he showed me around the sauna, introducing me to some of the other regulars. As we talked, I began to feel more attracted to him, and before long I was following him, mesmerised, into one of the back rooms.

Once in the room, the lights were dimmed and it was just the two of us. He pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me passionately, his hands running all over my body. His kisses were hard, his lips pressing against mine eagerly and his hands roaming my body hungrily. I melted into him, my body becoming liquid as I felt myself become aroused by his touch.

My heart raced as he pulled off my clothes, his hands touching me all over, exploring every inch of my body. His mouth trailed a path from my neck to my navel, his tongue teasing me as he tasted my body. I lay back, lost in his embrace, his lips and tongue creating a wave of pleasure that was overwhelming. I felt like I was floating in a sea of pleasure, my body trembling and my pulse racing.

He moved down and his mouth found my erection, his tongue swirling around it and his lips massaging it as he sucked it deeply. I shivered as he teased and tantalised me, his hands caressing my thighs as his mouth moved in perfect synchronicity with my body. I could barely breathe as I felt myself losing control, my body carried away in a tide of sensation.

Finally, as I gasped for breath he moved away and lay down beside me, his lips just tasting mine before they moved to my neck and then my chest. I felt my body quivering in anticipation as he explored me, his hands and his mouth pushing the boundaries of pleasure until I could take no more. With one last passionate kiss, he entered me.

The sensation was indescribable as he moved inside me, slowly at first and then faster and faster, pushing me further and further into an orgasmic abyss. With each stroke I felt my body tremble, my orgasm growing and intensifying until I could take no more, screaming out in pleasure as I finally let go.

In response he increased his speed, his body shaking and trembling along with mine as we both reached our peak. With one final thrust, we both collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and sated.

We lay there afterwards, in the afterglow of our shared pleasure, the lights still dimmed and the sauna a distant memory. I had found my place in the gay sauna scene, and I thanked Jack for his help in introducing me to it. He smiled and kissed me, and I felt myself sink into his embrace.

This was only the beginning of a beautiful journey, and I knew I would be back for more.

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