Maintanance Spanking

Maintanance Spanking

Molly had always been a good girl. She was the kind of woman other women looked up to; she was successful at work, always had a nice house, and was a devoted mother to her two kids. But when her husband found out she had a secret obsession with maintenance spanking, everything changed.

It started out innocently enough. Her husband had been gone on a business trip and after days of being alone, Molly decided to check out some naughty websites late one night. One thing led to another and she soon found herself reading up on all sorts of naughty topics; one of which was maintenance spanking. She had never heard of it before, but the idea of being spanked for pleasure, rather than punishment, intrigued her.

The next night, she decided to take the plunge and went to an adult store to buy some spanking implements. She felt naughty and excited as she walked around the store, picking out her items. She chose a pair of leather paddle and a crop, which sent a tingling sensation through her body just to think about what she was about to do.

When she got home, she padded her bed with pillows and arranged the spanking implements in front of her. She lay down on the bed, feeling the anticipation of what was to come. She slowly rubbed her hands over her body, caressing her breasts, feeling her nipples tingle. She let her hands wander further down her body, her fingers stroking her inner thighs, her wetness quickly beginning to manifest itself.

Molly closed her eyes and took a deep breath, the sensation of anticipation coursing through her veins. She had never done anything like this before, and the feeling of uncertainty and excitement made her heart beat faster. She then grabbed the crop and brought it down on her bare ass with a thud.

The sensation of pain and pleasure coursed through her body, and she relaxed into the sensation. She spanked her ass harder and harder, letting go of her inhibitions and letting the sensations take over her body. As the pain subsided, there was a resounding pleasure that filled her entire body.

Molly let the sensation of pleasure overwhelm her and took a deep breath, feeling the throbbing in her ass as she relaxed. She then took the leather paddle and spanked her ass again, feeling the intense pleasure ripple through her body.

She felt a wave of pleasure wash over her body, and she moaned in pleasure. She then spanked her ass harder, pushing her limits and feeling the intense sensations course through her body. She spanked her ass harder and deeper, the intensity of the sensation taking her breath away.

When it was all over, Molly lay there in a daze, feeling a deep sense of satisfaction. She had experienced something completely new and exhilarating, and her body tingled with pleasure.

The next night, Molly couldn’t wait to do it all over again, and she began to make maintenance spanking a regular part of her life. She found that not only was it exhilarating and intensely pleasurable, but it made her feel more alive and connected to her body and her husband. She spanked herself harder and harder each night, pushing her limits and exploring her body in new and exciting ways.

Molly finally realized that maintenance spanking was something she could do for her own pleasure, and she found it to be a great way to keep connected to her sexuality and to enjoy some naughty time while her husband was away. She explored different positions, bought more spanking implements, and delved deeper into her fantasies.

Molly found that maintenance spanking was a great way to keep her relationship alive and to make sure that she never stopped feeling naughty and aroused. And best of all, it gave her something exciting and naughty to do when her husband was away.

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