Alpha Submissive Sex

Lara had always been an alpha female, dominant in her relationships and in her work life. She was used to being in control, so when she heard about alpha submissive sex, she was intrigued and desperate to explore the new frontier.

She had read some erotica stories that talked about it and she was curious to see if it was something she would enjoy. She knew that going in to being an alpha submissive for the first time would require her to relinquish control, something that scared her but also excited her. She started talking to some people online and began to research more about the lifestyle.

One night, she decided to take the plunge and book herself an appointment at a brothel. She had heard some good things about it and wanted to explore the world of alpha submissive sex without any fear of judgment or repercussion.

When she arrived at the brothel, she was met by a stunningly beautiful woman in her late twenties. She was tall, with a slender frame and perky breasts. She had long, curly auburn hair and bright green eyes. Her name was Rachel, and she was a professional Alpha Submissive Escort.

Rachel welcomed Lara in and invited her to sit down and make herself comfortable. She explained that the services she provided were purely sensual with no sex involved. She could provide erotic massage and make Lara feel relaxed and pampered. Rachel further explained that if Lara wanted to explore alpha submissive sex, she would need to give her permission beforehand for Rachel to use all her skills and knowledge about the particular style of play.

Lara felt butterflies in her stomach as she nervously nodded her head in agreement. Rachel took her gentle coaxing and began to undress Lara slowly. She started with her blazer and worked her way downward, taking her time and exploring Lara’s body with her hands. Rachel took her time, kneading the muscles in Lara’s back and running her fingers over Lara’s curves.

The sensations sent electric shocks through Lara’s body, and she could feel herself getting aroused. Rachel kept her gaze fixed on Lara’s eyes as she moved her hands lower, gently pulling apart the fabric of Lara’s panties and sliding her fingers inside.

Lara gasped, feeling a wave of pleasure wash over her. Rachel responded to the response and increased her movements, counting her breathing and noting the effect she was having on Lara.

She gently removed Lara’s panties and spread her legs wide, the intimate act making Lara blush from head to toe. Rachel moved her hands further down and spread Lara’s folds, licking her way along her mound and down her inner thighs. Lara felt her clitoris swell in anticipation and she let out a soft moan of pleasure.

Rachel’s skillful touches soon became more intense, as she flicked and sucked Lara’s sensitive clit, her movements intensifying with each passing second. Lara felt her orgasm building, and as Rachel’s tongue circled her inner petals, Lara exploded into a sea of pleasure.

Lara had never felt anything like it before and as she lay there, she realized just how much alpha submissive sex could provide. She thanked Rachel for her time, and as she left the brothel, she smiled to herself, feeling empowered and free. Although she had given up control for a moment, she felt more in control of her own sexuality than she ever had before.

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