Lusting For Stepmom

Lusting For Stepmom

It had been eight months since Jack had moved in with his dad and stepmom, but he had been denying his true feelings for the entire time. Every night, he would lie in bed and fantasize about his stepmom, dreaming of what it would be like to touch her soft skin and explore her luscious body. He was so desperate to get his hands on her, but he feared the consequences of coming on to her. They were family, after all, and he had already caused enough trouble by moving in.

But that night, he could no longer resist his desires. He waited until his dad was asleep and then snuck into his stepmom’s bedroom. She was sleeping on her bed, wearing a skimpy nightgown that revealed her perfect curves and aroused Jack even further. He couldn’t help but gawk at her body, drinking in every inch of her before finally reaching out to caress her arm.

At first, she kept sleeping, but soon she stirred and woke up. “Jack? What are you doing here?” She asked, her voice still thick with sleep.

Jack couldn’t answer and instead just gazed into her eyes, letting her see the desire in his own. She seemed to understand, because she suddenly leaned forward and kissed him passionately on the lips. Jack felt as if his entire body was on fire and he eagerly embraced her, submerging himself in the pleasure of her kiss.

Jack moved back and started to remove her nightgown. She stopped him, however, demanding to know if he was sure that he wanted to go through with this. Jack nodded and she finally allowed him to undress her, revealing her voluptuous body to him in all its glory.

Jack moved down her body, exploring her soft curves with his hands before moving his lips to her breasts. He slowly licked and sucked her nipples until she was moaning with pleasure and arching her back, begging for more. His hands moved down and teased her most intimate area, tantalizing her until she was panting and trembling with arousal.

Finally, he moved up her body and entered her, pushing himself deep inside her as their bodies moved together in perfect synchronization. Jack moved faster and faster as his passion and desire for her rose. She clung to him and cried out his name, her pleasure rising further and further with each thrust.

Jack finally reached his climax, spilling his seed inside of her as she shuddered in pleasure beneath him. They both lay there, panting and trembling from the intensity of their lovemaking, until Jack finally pulled away and got out of bed.

He looked back at her one last time before walking out of the room, feeling a deep sense of satisfaction. From that night onwards, they were no longer just stepmom and son. They were now lovers, bound together by their fiery passion and undeniable desire.

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