Gay Human Toilet

The Tale of the Gay Human Toilet

James was a young gay man with an appetite for adventure and a chance encounter one evening changed his life forever. He had gone out for a night on the town in his hometown of San Francisco with his best friend, Tyler. They had been out for a few drinks and were in search of a little excitement when they spotted an intriguing sign at a local gay bar. It was advertising something called a “Gay Human Toilet” and they were intrigued.

James and Tyler decided to investigate and they soon found themselves at the door of the bar. It was an out of the way spot and there was a sign on the door that said “No Entry – Gay Human Toilet Only”. They made their way inside and the place turned out to be a brothel that catered to a very particular clientele.

The patrons of the bar were all gay men and the atmosphere was thick with anticipation. As they surveyed the room, James noticed a young man in the corner who appeared to be the proprietor of the establishment. He was dressed in a form fitting leather outfit and held a paddle in his hands. James approached him and asked what was going on.

The man smiled and introduced himself as Saul. He explained that he was in charge of the Gay Human Toilet and he offered to give James and Tyler a tour. The two friends followed him around the room as he explained the purpose of the place. It was, he explained, an opportunity for gay men to explore their fetish desires in a safe and discreet way.

He went on to explain the rules and regulations of the Gay Human Toilet and how it worked. He told them that each man had his own role and responsibility within the establishment and that the privacy of each individual was kept strictly confidential. He also mentioned that anyone who was found breaking the rules or behaving inappropriately would be immediately kicked out.

As Saul gave his tour, James and Tyler were both immensely aroused. The atmosphere in the room was one of pure arousal and they could see that the other patrons of the establishment were equally aroused. After the tour was finished, Saul motioned for them to follow him to an area of the bar that was reserved for those interested in exploring their fetish desires.

It was here that James and Tyler finally got to experience the Gay Human Toilet for themselves. As soon as they entered the room, a man already present offered himself up to them as a willing toilet. The man got down on all fours and James and Tyler took turns enjoying the unique experience of using a gay human as a toilet.

The sensation of using someone else as a toilet was indescribable and the two friends quickly found themselves lost in the pleasure of their forbidden acts. After some time, they decided to switch positions and Tyler took his turn as the toilet while James was the one taking pleasure in the forbidden act.

When they were finished with their first experiment, they returned to the main area of the bar and soon found themselves surrounded by an eager crowd of men who all wanted to experience the Gay Human Toilet. Soon, they were all taking turns using the willing and eager men as a toilet and the night was soon over.

James and Tyler returned to their normal lives the next day, but the experience of the Gay Human Toilet stayed with them forever. They have become regulars of the establishment and regularly spend time enjoying the unique and forbidden pleasures it has to offer. They have even gone so far as to recommend the place to their friends, and it has become a favorite spot among their circles.

James and Tyler will never forget the night they first discovered the Gay Human Toilet. It was a night that changed their lives forever and opened up a whole new world of sexual exploration for them. Now, every time they visit, they return feeling more fulfilled than ever before. The Gay Human Toilet is an experience they will never forget and they hope that others can enjoy it too.

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