Lisa’s Nails Sheerness

Lisa’s Nails Sheerness was the perfect place. It was a private, safe, discrete and tasteful salon, located in the heart of the small town. She had just opened the doors of her new business a few months ago and Lisa was already getting rave reviews from the locals.

The story had been going around town of how Lisa had trained as an expert in massage and other forms of relaxation therapies, and so it seemed logical for her to open the salon. Everyone wanted the best and this is what she could offer them.

The first day Lisa opened her doors, hundreds of people lined up outside of the door. They had heard the rumors and wanted to experience her talents firsthand.

One of the first clients to book an appointment was a handsome, dark-haired man. He was a bit shy at first and Lisa could feel his nerves. She put him at ease and he revealed to her that he had been suffering from a long-term illness that had left him unable to experience any pleasure for a long period of time.

Lisa knew exactly how to help him and so she got to work. She started with a gentle body massage and then used her skilled hands to work deeper and more intensely. She worked her way up his body, working the muscles in a very sensual way.

The man felt the pleasure build up inside of him and he felt alive and aroused. Lisa could tell that he was enjoying her attentions and she smiled to herself as she saw his reaction.

She moved lower down his body and started to stroke his inner thighs. Her fingers ran over his skin, brushing against it lightly and teasing before she finally reached his hard cock. She caressed it with her hands and then moved her mouth down to take it in her mouth.

He gasped as she expertly suckled and teased his member. He was in ecstasy as she moved her head up and down and around the shaft before finally licking her way around the tip.

He was now totally aroused and ready for her. She shifted her body and positioned herself on top of him and then slowly took him inside of her. He groaned and moved his hips in rhythm with hers as she moved up and down.

The sensations were unbelievable as every inch of his body was now engulfed in pleasure. He felt as if he was going to burst as she pounded him relentlessly, taking him higher and higher.

He finally reached his climax and Lisa collapsed onto him, her body exhausted from her efforts. They lay there for a few moments, just enjoying the afterglow of their passionate encounter.

Finally, the man opened his eyes and smiled at Lisa. He thanked her for the amazing experience and promised to come back again soon. Lisa smiled and promised him that she would always be ready to take him even higher and further into the depths of pleasure.

As he walked away, Lisa couldn’t help thinking that she was really enjoying running her new business. With her skill and passion, she knew that she could take many more people to the heights of pleasure.

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