Laura’s Spanking Corner

Laura’s Spanking Corner was the hottest spot in town. It was a massage parlor where kink and pleasure ran wild. Laura ran the place with a smile and a gentle touch. She was a tall, curvy, and beautiful woman with long blonde hair and an open mind. Everyone who stepped foot in her establishment felt like they had entered a special world of their own.

The massage parlor had a variety of services, from the traditional Swedish style to tantric massage, but it was the spanking corner that was the most popular. Here, couples or individual clients could get the perfect spanking experience. Laura even offered private rooms where clients could be spanked and pleasured in private.

One such client was Paul. He was in his late twenties and had heard about Laura’s spanking corner through a friend. He decided to give it a try one evening and was instantly hooked. He booked a private session with Laura and soon found himself completely in her control.

She started off by lightly spanking him with a suede paddle. His pale skin soon turned a bright red and his breath got faster. She moved up to a heavier paddle, and then a wooden paddle. He moaned with pleasure as the spanking continued.

After the spanking, she moved onto more intimate activities. She started off with a slow, sensuous massage, working her way down his body. Her soft fingers and strong hands worked their magic. As she moved down his body, her fingers occasionally encountered erect nipples that she would tease and caress before moving further down.

Once she reached his lower regions, she moved onto oral sex. She explored his body with her tongue, licking and sucking his cock until it was rock hard. The sensations were amazing and Paul was soon moaning in ecstasy. She then moved onto his ass, and soon his tight hole was being orally explored.

But Laura didn’t stop there. She then moved onto a variety of other activities, all designed to push Paul’s boundaries and take him to a new level of pleasure. She used toys, tongue, and fingers to bring him pleasure he had never experienced before. With each new sensation, he felt himself getting closer to the ultimate in pleasure.

At the end of the session, Paul felt completely spent. He was in a state of bliss, completely relaxed and at peace. As he made his way out of Laura’s Spanking Corner, he could already feel himself thinking about his next visit.

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