Janeway Seven Fanfiction

Kathryn Janeway had never expected to encounter Seven of Nine when she was out shopping. She had been in the store for a few hours now, browsing, before she finally spotted the tall, striking figure of her beloved, who stood proudly amongst the bustle of the busy retail outlet, her eyes scanning the shelves with a knowing intensity that took Kathryn’s breath away. The Captain of the USS Voyager had been dreaming of the day she could finally meet Seven of Nine, and here she was, in the flesh.

Kathryn approached Seven of Nine, her heart hammering in her chest. She couldn’t help but take in her stunning features, her stunning body and the power that seemed to emanate from her every move. She was even more beautiful in person than Kathryn had ever could have imagined.

Kathryn quickly introduced herself, and without missing a beat, Seven of Nine smiled and extended her hand in greeting. The two women quickly launched into conversation, talking about their respective ships, their travels, and the various challenges they had faced during their many years of service.

The conversation quickly turned to a more intimate level, and as they talked, Kathryn discovered that she and Seven had more in common than she first realized. Soon enough, the two women had found themselves laughing and flirting, enjoying every minute of their new-found connection.

Kathryn soon found herself becoming lost in Seven’s presence, her eyes locked with Seven’s, unable to look away. Kathryn was completely mesmerized by the woman in front of her, feeling an undeniable connection and a passionate desire that threatened to overtake her.

Kathryn stepped closer to Seven and gently placed her hand on her arm, not wanting their conversation to end. Seven smiled, her eyes flashing with a hidden intensity. She leaned in, her body now pressed against Kathryn’s, their lips mere inches apart.

Kathryn felt an undeniable surge of electricity course through her body, her entire being trembling with anticipation. With a trembling sigh, she leaned forward and pressed her lips to Seven’s, her heart racing with both fear and excitement.

The kiss was tender and passionate, as if both women had been waiting for this moment for an eternity. Kathryn felt herself melting into Seven’s embrace, her breath hitching with each passing second.

The kiss went on for what felt like an eternity before Seven finally pulled away, her eyes glinting with a mischievous glint. Without saying a word, she grabbed Kathryn’s hand and led her out of the store and towards her quarters.

Once in Seven’s quarters, the two women quickly stripped each other of their clothing, eager to explore each other’s bodies. Kathryn gasped as Seven’s mapped out her curves with her hands, her eyes searching Kathryn’s every response. The intensity of Seven’s touch was unlike anything Kathryn had ever experienced before and she found herself quickly melting into its embrace.

The night quickly became a blur of passionate, desperate love making. Seven was an experienced lover, her touch expertly guiding Kathryn to heights of pleasure she had never before known. Kathryn felt herself become increasingly lost in Seven’s embrace, her mind becoming a swirl of sensations as their bodies moved in perfect synchronization.

As the night drew to a close, Kathryn and Seven finally lay spent in each other’s arms, their bodies slick with sweat as they gently kissed and caressed one another in pure bliss.

Kathryn finally understood why Seven had captivated her. She was everything Kathryn ever wanted in a woman; beautiful, passionate, and strong, with a wildness and an intensity that left her completely and utterly wanting more.

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