Colon Snake

Colon Snake was a notorious hustler who worked the mean streets of the city. He seemed harmless enough, with his tall, slender frame and his pleasant, almost-boyish face, but underneath it all was a wild and passionate man who was always seeking out the most exciting sexual experiences.

For years he had made a living out of selling his body to willing customers, never asking for anything more than money for his services. He had seen it all: from the young, sweet college girls to the wild and more experienced women of the night. He always kept his reputation as a discreet and dependable escort, which earned him a loyal circle of clients who would pay him well for his services.

One night Colon Snake received a call from an older client of his who wanted Colon to attend a private party. The client only said that the “party was worth his while” and would pay him upfront if he accepted the invitation. Colon was intrigued, so he agreed and they arranged to meet the next day.

When Colon arrived at the address, he was shocked to find a luxurious mansion filled with a variety of beautiful women. The client, an older, wealthy man, greeted him and told him that this was a private sex party and that he’d have the opportunity to do whatever he wanted with these women.

The man handed Colon a bag of money and told him to take his pick. Colon was overjoyed. He had never been in a situation like this before and the possibilities were endless. He quickly chose four voluptuous women, who looked more than ready to fulfill his every desire.

They went outside to the pool area, removed their clothes and jumped into the pool. The four women swam around Colon and teased him, tempting him to partake in their naughty games. The man watched from the sidelines and encouraged Colon to do whatever felt natural.

Colon wasted no time in diving beneath the water and exploring the bodies of these ladies. He ran his hands over their curves and tasted their skin with his tongue, letting the waves of pleasure wash over him. The women giggled and moaned in pleasure as he licked, sucked and nibbled on their bodies.

Colon soon became aroused and wanted to take things to the next level. He urged one of the women onto him and guided her to his lengthening shaft. She eagerly accepted, wrapping her lips around him and sliding him in and out of her mouth. The sensation was incredible and set off a wave of pleasure through Colon’s body.

He then wanted one of the other women to join them, so the women paired up and performed a steamy lesbian show on each other. Colon watched in awe as their tongues intertwined and their bodies intertwined in a mix of heavenly pleasure. After watching the show for a few minutes, Colon begged for the women to come back to him.

The women eagerly made their way to Colon, eager to please him in any way he wanted. One of them straddled him and began to ride him, her large breasts bouncing as she rode him to orgasm. The other women took turns licking, sucking and playing with Colon, driving him wild with pleasure.

Eventually, Colon reached his climax, and the four women celebrated by showering him with kisses and caresses. The party ended, and the women waved goodbye to the smiling escort, who left feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

Instead of returning to his usual, dingy life on the streets of the city, Colon now felt like he had been living a wild, passionate dream. He knew that this one night at the party was only the beginning and that he had found something he never knew he wanted – a life filled with desires, passions and naughty, sexual experiences.

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