I Have To Be A Monster Chapter 1

I Have To Be A Monster Chapter 1

The sun had just set and the air was filled with the sweet scent of night blooming jasmine. The streets of the city were just beginning to stir with life as people finished up their work days and began their evening activities.

John had been out of town for a week and he was feeling a little cooped up as he slowly made his way through the streets. He hadn’t stopped to take in the sights or take time to explore, wanting to get back to his apartment as soon as possible. He had made a promise to himself that he would never succumb to the dark temptations of the city but this night was particularly different than the rest.

As he walked, John’s eyes couldn’t help but wander to the shadows cast by the dim street lamps and he realized that he had wandered into a part of the city he had never seen before. The streets were lined with bars, clubs, and other late night establishments and the atmosphere was a far cry from the places he usually frequented. It was as if someone had flipped a switch and the night had suddenly become wild and unhinged.

John felt a strange thrill as he continued to walk down the street, the darkened corners and seedy establishments drawing him further in. He felt his heart rate quicken as if he were about to do something completely reckless and as he rounded the corner, he saw exactly what he was looking for—a discreet looking door with a bright neon sign reading “Escorts: Look No Further!”

John had no idea what he was getting himself into but he was eager to find out. He cautiously stepped through the door and was greeted by the sight of a stunning woman in a tantalizing outfit. She smiled warmly at him and gestured towards a nearby seating area where she could get to know him a little better.

John sat down and the woman began to fill him in on the services offered by the escort agency. She explained that he could pay a fee and get treated to an evening of discreet companionship, with the option of more intimate services if desired. His heart, which had been beating faster since he entered the establishment, began to pound even harder as the woman talked and he soon found himself agreeing to the services offered.

The woman led him to a bedroom where he was greeted by a woman who he could only describe as a goddess. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a body that seemed to be made for pleasure. John was mesmerized and couldn’t take his eyes off her as she began to undress and caress his body.

The warmth of her touch sent waves of pleasure through his body and he felt himself slipping away into a world of pleasure and desire. She ran her hands all over his body, exploring every inch of him, until he felt as though he were going to burst with pleasure.

John felt her wrap her hands around his penis and begin to move them up and down in a slow rhythm as she began to suck on it lightly. His pleasure intensified and he suddenly felt as though he were about to climax, but he held back, wanting to experience this moment for as long as possible.

She continued to lightly suck on him as he felt his orgasm begin to build and the sensations of pleasure radiating through his body became too much for him to handle. He let out a loud moan as he released his load, feeling as though his mind, body and soul had been completely fulfilled by this extraordinary experience.

John lay in a state of bliss, his body still shaking with pleasure as the woman lay beside him. He hadn’t felt this content in a long time and he was grateful for the much-needed release.

The next morning, John woke up in the same position he had fallen asleep in, the sheets still warm from their bodies. Despite the fact that their night together was strictly business, he felt a deep connection to the woman beside him.

He thanked her for the incredible experience and asked her if she would be interested in seeing him again. She smiled coyly and John knew that this was only the beginning of something special.

John had never been one to succumb to his carnal desires, but this night he had found himself caught up in a world of passion and pleasure that he never knew existed. He had experienced something unique and special that he would never forget. He had finally experienced the monster within himself.

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