Hunt Couplings

It was just another Monday morning when the Hunt Couplings decided to take the plunge and book an escort for the night. Sweet, innocent and naive, they were excited and a little nervous but eager to explore the unknown.

They logged onto the website and browsed through the profiles until they found the perfect one. Her name was Alexandra and her pictures exuded a sensual yet sophisticated beauty. She was a natural blonde, with a slender frame, curves in all the right places, and full lips that begged to be kissed.

They sent her an email and, to their relief, she agreed to meet them. She stipulated that, if they wanted her services, the cost would be $500 for the night. They sent her the money through an electronic system and waited for her to arrive.

At 8pm on the dot, Alexandra arrived, looking even more stunning than her pictures had suggested. She wore a tight, low cut dress and high heels, with a neckline that showed just enough of her cleavage to make the Hunt Couplings hearts beat faster.

Alexandra handed them a bottle of expensive champagne and motioned them towards the bedroom. She began to undress, her movements slow and seductive as the Hunt Couplings watched, unable to take their eyes off of her. She pulled off her dress and revealed a lacy black bra and matching panties, her skin pale and smooth.

The Hunt Couplings stroked her body, exploring her curves, as Alexandra moaned and sighed with pleasure. She allowed them to caress her in ways they never thought possible, until she directed them onto the bed and took over. She kissed them with gentle, passionate kisses and teased them with her body, tantalizing them with her soft curves and full lips.

Soon, Alexandra was on top of them, grinding against them, making them gasp with pleasure. She shifted her weight and the sensations became even more intense, until the Hunt Couplings were completely lost in the moment.

Alexandra then took their hands and slowly guided them against her body, instructing them to touch and caress her in places that made her moan and shiver with pleasure. She rolled them over and straddled them, her body bouncing to the rhythm of her movements.

The Hunt Couplings felt as if they were on an emotional roller coaster as they experienced waves of pleasure that seemed to never end. They kissed and explored each other’s bodies, their tongues dancing and their bodies entwined.

The Hunt Couplings were soon begging Alexandra to let them take her, to enter her and allow them to experience the ultimate pleasure. She obliged, and soon they were filled with an even deeper ecstasy as she moved against them, writhing and grinding, until the sensations became too much for them to bear.

The Hunt Couplings then lay together, exhausted and completely blissed out, enjoying each other’s company and feeling the aftermath of their passionate encounter.

The night had been a success and the Hunt Couplings knew that it would be the start of many more to come. They thanked Alexandra for such an unforgettable experience, and Booked her for the following week.

The Hunt Couplings had found what they were looking for, and it had been worth every penny.