How to give better oral sex?

There’s no denying it – oral sex is an incredibly intimate experience. It can be incredibly pleasurable and satisfying for both partners. As such, it’s important to make sure that you’re doing it right — for both of your sakes. Fortunately, giving better oral sex is a relatively easy to do. With a few tips and tricks, you can become an oral sex master in no time.

The first step to giving better oral sex is to pay attention to your partner’s body language. Take the time to really observe their reactions — note the sounds they make, the way they shift their hips, and the little moans they might give. Doing so will help you to determine what type of stimulation they’re enjoying and how to continue giving them pleasure.

Another important element of giving better oral sex is being comfortable with yourself and your partner. This means being present in the moment and not focusing on any negative thoughts you have about yourself or your body. When it comes to sex, self-confidence is key.

Additionally, make sure that you’re using your hands as well as your mouth. This can add a whole new level of pleasure to the experience. Use your hands to rub and caress your partner’s body prior to and during the oral sex, as this can help to make them even more aroused.

Once you’re comfortable and confident, it’s important to also make sure that your partner is aroused. Foreplay is essential and can involve things like caressing and kissing your partner or using sex toys or lubricants.

When you do start giving your partner oral sex, remember to start slow and then increase your speed and pressure as the pleasure builds. Pay attention to the way your partner responds and adjust accordingly. While some partners might enjoy the sensation of your tongue directly on the clitoris or penis, others might find it to be too intense. The key is to experiment and find out what works best.

Regardless of the gender of your partner, it’s also important to use your tongue creatively. This can involve anything from flicking your tongue to using circular motions or making different shapes with it on the genital region.

Finally, it’s essential that you stay patient and relaxed throughout the entire experience. Remember that oral sex should be a pleasurable experience for both of you, so don’t rush it and don’t get frustrated if you don’t achieve the desired results right away.

With these tips and tricks, you can be confident that you know how to give better oral sex. Take the time to be mindful of your partner and their body, relax and enjoy the experience, and be creative with your tongue. With these easy steps, you’ll be able to bring your partner to pleasure heaven in no time.

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