Gay Naturist Massage

Gay Naturist Massage: A Sex Story

He had been dreaming about experiencing a gay naturist massage for weeks. He had heard the stories from friends, seen the videos online and been tantalized by the images of shirtless, ripped males receiving massage therapy from other males. He had always been curious about the experience but never had the courage to do it himself.

Finally, he decided that tonight was the night. He had saved up some money and he was ready to take the plunge. He typed in the address of the massage parlor he had seen online and nervously proceeded to the address.

When he arrived at the parlor, he was met by two handsome, muscular men in their mid-twenties. They said nothing as they led him through the dimly lit hallways and into a large, sparsely furnished room. There was a massage table in the center of the room and the two men invited him to lay down on it.

Without a word, they each began to massage his back and neck. He felt the tension in his neck and shoulders releasing, and then he felt the heat begin to rise in his body. The massage was incredibly sensual and it was obvious that these two young men knew exactly what they were doing.

Soon enough, the masseurs had moved from his back to his thighs and buttocks. He felt their hands caressing and exploring his body and he could feel himself becoming aroused. He glanced at them, but they were completely focused and devoted to their task.

The massage continued and his arousal was growing ever more intense. He began to feel his entire body quaking with pleasure and he couldn’t believe he was allowing himself to experience this. Finally, the massage was finished and both of the men stepped away and stood by the door.

He stood up and turned to them, thanking them for the wonderful experience. Then one of them stepped forward and asked if he would like to try something even more special. Before he knew it, he had agreed to join them in the next room.

The next room was even darker and he could see nothing. He could feel the warmth and the energy radiating from the two men and he could smell the scent of their musk and sweat. He heard one of them chuckle as if he knew something he didn’t and then he felt hands all over him.

The hands caressed his body, sending shockwaves of pleasure through him. They explored every curve and inch of his body, never ignoring the most intimate places. He heard moans of ecstasy from both of the men and he found himself joining in.

He felt himself being lifted off of the floor and onto the massage table. One of the men straddled him and began teasing his nipples with his tongue whilst the other massaged his chest and stomach. He began to arch his back in pleasure, begging for more.

The two men began to take turns in pleasuring him. Each one used their hands and mouth to drive him wild and he soon found himself lost in a sea of pleasure. They both worked their way down to his groin and he felt himself trembling with anticipation. He could feel their hot breath tickling his skin and he was unable to control his moans as they pleasured him.

It felt like an eternity of pleasure and he lost track of time as the two men continued to caress and lick his body. He felt himself reaching new heights of pleasure that he had never experienced before and he felt his body shuddering in an orgiastic bliss.

Finally, the session was over and he felt completely and utterly satisfied. He thanked the two men for the incredible experience and he made sure to thank them for taking their time to ensure that he was enjoying every moment. He stumbled out of the massage parlor, feeling more energized and alive than ever before.

He had finally taken the plunge and experienced a gay naturist massage. He knew that he would never forget this experience and it would remain with him for eternity. From then on, he decided to make it a regular treat for himself, and he knew that every time, the experience would be even more amazing.

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