Breed Mom

Breed Mom

Karen was a petite and beautiful twenty-two year old woman with a body that made men’s jaws drop and set off a few long sighs of approval. Her deep brown hair was wild and wavy and her eyes sparkled with mischief, making her look all the more desirable. Despite her age, she had a confident air that made her seem like an experienced woman, not a naive and inexperienced girl. Her feminine curves were a testament to her womanhood and her tight, toned bottom was the kind that any man would be tempted to grab and squeeze.

Karen had been a single mother since her daughter was born four years earlier. She had given up her dreams of being a veterinary technician and accepted a job as a receptionist in a veterinary clinic, in order to support her daughter. Her daughter was the center of her life and Karen worked hard to give her the best that she could. She had no time or energy left over to even think about a man – she was too exhausted and drained from her responsibilities.

One Sunday afternoon, whilst Karen was taking her daughter to the park, she noticed an unusual man sitting on one of the benches. She recognised him as ‘Michael’ – a single father who had just moved into the neighbourhood. She had seen him around the neighbourhood a few times in the past, but never spoken to him. This time however, she found herself drawn to him.

Michael was handsome and well put together. His sandy blonde hair was neatly trimmed and his muscular body was toned and fit. He had a quiet confidence about him that was both attractive and intriguing. She was surprised by her sudden interest in him, as she had never felt such an intense attraction to anyone before.

Karen nervously walked up to Michael and introduced herself. She tried to keep her composure, as she usually did, but felt herself blushing as she extended her hand and looked into his mesmerising blue eyes. Michael smiled and welcomed her with open arms, introducing himself and his daughter, who was playing on the swings nearby. They began to talk and soon found themselves locked in a deep and meaningful conversation.

Karen felt an unparalleled connection with Michael and she could tell that he felt the same. He seemed to have a way of understanding her and he made her feel special. They talked about their children, their pasts and their hopes for the future. It was as if they had known each other for years and not just a few hours.

When it was time to leave, Michael asked if he could walk Karen and her daughter home. She accepted and they chatted on the way. Karen felt an intense physical attraction to Michael, but she was too shy to make the first move. By the time they reached her house, it was late in the evening and Karen invited Michael inside for dinner.

Michael accepted and they enjoyed a delicious dinner together. After dinner, Michael asked Karen if she would like to stay for a drink. She accepted and the two of them talked for hours. They talked about their shared interests and the places they’d both been. They found themselves bonding over their shared love of children and parenting.

When the night had grown late, Karen made her move. She leaned in and kissed Michael, initiating a hot and passionate kiss that left both of them short of breath. She felt a spark between them and knew that Michael felt it too. She could feel his arousal growing as he touched her in all the right places.

Karen knew she wanted Michael in her bed and she soon found herself guiding him to her bedroom. She felt an undeniable urge to have him make love to her and have his passionate kisses all over her body. She felt the need to be taken and to be his.

Michael began to strip her luscious body, first the clothes and then the lingerie that she wore underneath. He seemed in no haste and savored every intimate moment as he kissed, licked and touched every inch of her body. When it was time to enter her, he filled her with pleasure and they both reached intense highs together.

Throughout the night they explored each other in ways that left them both weak in the knees and high on endorphins. Karen knew that it wasn’t just great sex, it was something deeper. She felt an intense connection with Michael, a connection that she had never felt before. They stayed up late into the morning and in the morning light, Karen and Michael knew that this was just the beginning.

Karen and Michael soon began to date and after a few months, Karen discovered that she was pregnant. Despite the unexpected surprise, Karen and Michael were elated and decided that they would make a wonderful family together. They married shortly afterwards and Karen gave birth to their son soon after.

Karen had the perfect little family she had always dreamed of but she was also relieved to finally have a man that she could trust and rely on. Michael was the perfect partner and a wonderful father to her daughter and son and together they shared a beautiful life.

Karen knew that her lovemaking with Michael was extraordinary and that it was much more than just great sex. She had found a connection with him that was so powerful and passionate that it was beyond words. She felt like a slut when they made love and loved the way that they explored each other’s bodies.

Karen had found that special someone who she could be her true and wild self with and she finally had the family she had always wanted. She was the proud and happy breed mom of two beautiful children who were the light of her life.

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