A Chubby For My Chubby Aunt

A Chubby for My Chubby Aunt

Gazing into her eyes, I felt a sudden urge to take her in my arms and kiss her passionately. I had never seen a more beautiful woman in my life. She had a voluptuous figure and her curves were driving me wild with desire. She looked like my aunt and I could not help but feel a strong connection to her.

I had known my aunt for years and I had always thought of her as a kind and loving figure in my life, but I had never seen her in this way before. I wanted to make her mine, to feel her curves in my arms and explore her body with my hands and lips.

I slowly reached out to touch her and as I did, I felt my heart flutter. I could feel her pulse racing and her body shuddering under my touch. I wanted her so badly that it hurt. We were both trembling and I could feel the sexual energy between us.

I slowly moved in closer and kissed her deeply, tasting her lips and feeling her tongue against mine. She returned my kisses ardently and I could feel her body melt into mine. I continued kissing her hungrily, exploring her body with my hands and nibbling her neck.

We moved to the bedroom and I kissed her breasts and continued to explore her body with my hands. She was so soft and smooth, and I wanted to devour her. I was getting aroused just thinking about it and my hardness was pressing against her.

I wanted to make her moan with pleasure and I started to run my fingers across her body, caressing her most intimate areas. Her body was trembling with pleasure and I could feel her arousal.

I moved my hands down to her thighs and started to massage them gently. I moved in closer and kissed her inner thighs, feeling their softness and warmth. I looked up and saw her eyes closed and her breath becoming more and more shallow.

I moved lower and licked her clit lovingly and tenderly. She started to moan with pleasure and I could feel the wetness between her legs. We continued exploring each other’s bodies and I loved feeling her curves pressing against mine.

Our movements became more and more passionate and I could feel her quiver with pleasure. We reached the point of no return and I entered her with force, thrusting deeper and deeper with each stroke. She started to scream out my name and I could feel her body shaking with pleasure.

I felt the electricity between us and wanted to prolong the pleasure. I changed direction and increased my speed, pushing in deeper and deeper. We were both lost in the moment and our bodies felt as if they were one.

After some time our bodies were spent and we collapsed onto the bed. I held her tight in my arms and looked into her eyes. I could not believe how lucky I was to have a chubby aunt like her and I was so glad that I had finally made her mine.

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