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Janet had been feeling incredibly horny all day and the only thing she could think of was having her pussy fingered and pleasured. She had been fantasizing about it for weeks and had finally decided to take matters into her own hands. She had always been one for adventure and decided to go out and find someone to fulfill her desires. She had heard about a brothel in the city, and thought that would be the perfect place for her to go.

When she arrived at the brothel, she instantly knew it was the right decision. The atmosphere was exciting and the ladies were beautiful. She made her way up to the counter and asked for a lady who could provide the ultimate finger-fucking experience. The receptionist told her that she would find just what she was looking for in room seven, and directed her up the stairs.

Janet nervously made her way to the room, her heart pounding and her hands shaking. But when she walked in, she was met with an entirely different atmosphere than she had expected. The room was warm and inviting, and the lady waiting for her, dressed in a tight red dress, was gorgeous. She smiled knowingly as Janet walked in, obviously sensing her excitement.

Janet nervously made her way over to the bed, where the lady was seated. She lay down, slowly spreading her legs apart, ready to indulge in all the pleasure she was about to receive, and the lady wasted no time getting to work. She began by gently massaging Janet’s inner thighs and stomach before she started to move her fingers up, teasing and tantalizing the most sensitive areas of her body.

With each caress, Janet felt her body becoming more aroused. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to get lost in the pleasure that was being stirred up within her. The lady moved her fingers with more intensity, circling around Janet’s clitoris and penetrating her with them. With each thrust, Janet felt her entire body shudder and her orgasm slowly building up.

Finally, when it felt like she could take no more, the lady pushed her fingers deep into Janet’s pussy and a powerful explosion of pleasure spread across her entire body. Janet couldn’t help but scream with pleasure as the intensity of her orgasm continued to roll through her. When it was over, she felt completely spent and satisfied.

This was the ultimate finger-fucking experience and Janet couldn’t help but feel grateful for being able to experience it. She thanked the lady for her incredible work before getting dressed and heading back home. She knew she would never forget this experience, and would definitely be back soon for more.