Woods Cruising

Woods Cruising

John had lived in the small town of Gatesville, Wisconsin his entire life. He had worked at the same factory for the past 20 years but nothing was ever going to change. His life was dull, repetitive, and uneventful. So, when he heard about the local rumors of “wood cruising” happening out in the woods, he was intrigued.

John was a single guy in his late 30s, so he was a bit reluctant to try something like this. It seemed like an adventure, but he was also slightly apprehensive. He had heard all the horror stories about these kinds of escapades gone wrong, so he wasn’t sure if this was a good idea. But, his need for something exciting eventually won out, and one Saturday night he set off for the woods.

John was nervous and excited as he drove out of town. He was ready for something different after years of being stuck in the same rut. As he neared the woods, he noticed a few other cars parked in odd places. The windows were partially open and John could make out a few silhouettes moving in the shadows. The rumor was true, people were actually cruising out in the woods!

Feeling more adventurous, John got out of his car and started to walk. He realized quickly that this was going to be different than he thought. It wasn’t just about finding someone to have a quick, anonymous hook up with; this was a scene with its own rules, its own etiquette, and its own protocol.

Men and women of all ages were walking around, looking for someone to talk to or flirt with. Most of the people were on the quiet side, but there was a sense of recognition among them – like they all knew each other somehow. This was definitely not what John had expected.

He started walking around, feeling slightly embarrassed and out of place. After a few minutes, he managed to work up the courage to start a conversation with someone. He was pleasantly surprised when a cute, petite woman in her early twenties started talking to him.

Her name was Sarah, and she was in town for a weekend getaway with a group of friends. They were all just looking to have a good time and let loose, so Sarah had decided to check out the local “wood cruising” scene.

John and Sarah started talking and eventually found out they had a lot in common. They ended up walking back to Sarah’s car and started making out. John was so excited he almost forgot about the other people around them!

Sarah was an experienced “wood cruiser”, so she quickly took control of the situation and started stripping off her clothes. John couldn’t believe his eyes – he had never seen anything like this before! He took off his own clothes and Sarah started to massage his body, making him moan with pleasure.

John was so turned on that he couldn’t help but to pick her up and carry her over to a nearby tree. He started kissing her all over, caressing her body and exploring every inch of her with his hands and mouth.

Sarah was an expert when it came to teasing and pleasing her partner, and John soon found himself lost in the moment. As they moved around the woods, they kept exploring each other’s bodies until finally John entered his partner and they both reached the heights of pleasure together.

Afterwards, John and Sarah lay in each other’s arms, both exhausted and happy. They had done something daring and exciting, and they both felt alive and energized.

This was the beginning of a whole new world for John, one that he would explore further in the future. Cruising the woods was a thrilling and rewarding experience, and John was so glad he had decided to take the plunge.

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