Wives Make Their Own Rules

It was a hot summer day and the two spouses of fifteen years were getting ready to go out and enjoy a day at the beach. Both had been married for a while so they knew how to make their relationship work. They had discussed their relationship before and they both knew they needed to make some changes to keep it alive.

Their relationship wasn’t stale but it wasn’t as fiery as it once was. They both knew that when you make someone your life partner, you have to work hard to keep the spark going. They had decided that one way to do that was by making their own rules and setting their own boundaries.

This particular night was one of those special nights. The husband and wife had decided to try something a little different and make their own rules for one night. The husband had been keeping his own little secret from his wife but tonight was the night he was going to break it out. He didn’t think his wife would mind and he hoped it would add something special to the night.

The wife had been curious all day as to what her husband had in store. As the night began, her curiosity grew and she was anxious to see what would be revealed. The night started with a romantic dinner at a cozy restaurant. As they sat and talked, her husband had a sly smile on his face. He reached out his hand and lightly touched her arm. She felt a tingle rush over her skin as she looked into his eyes.

The anticipation was mounting and the wife still had no idea what her husband was planning. As they made their way out of the restaurant, the husband handed the wife a small bag with a blindfold inside. She immediately knew what he was up to and felt a flood of excitement.

They made their way back to the house and the husband instructed the wife to get comfortable and put the blindfold on. She complied and soon found herself in complete darkness. Her heart raced as she felt her husband’s hands roam over her body. His touch was gentle and sensual. He kissed and caressed her in areas that had been forgotten for a long time and new sensations began to flow through her body.

The couple made their way to the bedroom where the husband had more surprises in store. He lit candles around the room and instructed his wife to sit and wait for further instruction. She complied and felt the warmth of the candlelight wash over her body.

The husband began to undress the wife and soon she was standing in nothing but her underwear. He kissed and caressed every inch of her body and watched with delight as she began to tremble with pleasure. He then took her to the bed and taught her all there was to know about sexual pleasure. He kissed and licked every inch of her body, exploring every sensitive spot until she was trembling and begging for more.

The couple spent hours exploring their own sexual desires and arousal, discovering new ways to pleasure each other. As the night grew long, their passion only increased. By the end of the night, the couple felt completely ravished, satisfied and completely exhausted.

The husband and wife had made their own rules and explored a passion they had both been neglecting. They both agreed that they would use this night as a benchmark and make it a priority to take time and explore more of their own pleasure. From that night on, they treated each other with more respect and fire, captivating each other in their own pleasure, setting their own rules and rewriting the marriage manual.

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