When Passion Becomes Cheating

When Passion Becomes Cheating

The afternoon was hot and humid, the kind of weather that made doing anything besides staying in bed and engaging in some passionate activity impossible. Tom and Celeste, who had been married for the past three years, were no exception. After a long but brief argument about who should be taking a nap and who should be studying, Tom and Celeste decided to both take the afternoon off, for totally different reasons, of course.

They’d been married for a few years and had settled into a nice, predictable routine. Things were comfortable and comfortable can often lead to a lack of passion and excitement. Both were feeling like they were treading water, just waiting for something to spark the fire they had once had.

It was around three o’clock that their passionate afternoon began. Celeste had just decided to take a nap; she was sure that if anything was going to bring back the passion, it was some much-needed rest. But, as she glanced up from the doorway of their room, her gaze was suddenly fixed on her husband, Tom. He was standing in front of the full-length mirror, shirtless, applying a bit of cologne in preparation for a night out with the guys.

Celeste had seen him like this a thousand times before, but for some reason, this time it felt different. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him: the broad shoulders that led down to a sculpted back, the athletic legs that had carried him across so many finish lines, and the way he ran his hands through his hair. His torso glistened with beads of sweat from the heat of the day, furthering the addled feeling that was taking shape inside of her.

Tom caught Celeste’s eye in the mirror, and although neither of them said a word, something was different. Celeste felt a spark ignite within her, one that she’d been searching for but never finding in the everyday routine. She wanted to act on it, to take him in her arms and kiss him deeply, to feel that passion that she knew still existed between them.

Rigor rose inside of her as Tom stepped away from the mirror and slowly made his way towards her. He was now only inches away from her as he tenderly caressed her face, his gaze never leaving hers. Celeste felt like she was drowning in their passion, and it was intoxicating.

One kiss quickly moved to two and the two on to three, with the art of the kiss growing more and more passionate by the second. Suddenly, with an urgency that neither had felt before, they took one another in an embrace and kissed deeply with undeniable passion. Their hands began to explore one another’s body, going where they had never gone before.

They fell back into the bed and continued their passionate lovemaking, both unable to keep their hands and mouths off of one another. This was something both of them had longed for, a passionate connection that had been missing from both of their lives.

As their passion reached its chaotic climax, both Tom and Celeste knew deep down what they had done was wrong. They had both been married for years, to each other. Everyone had told them both to work out their marriage problems, but as usual, they had opted for the easy route.

And now, in the heat of their passion, both of them knew that what they had just done was cheating. No matter how much a spark was rekindled or how intense the passion was, it should never have come at the expense of the marriage vows they had taken.

Both of them lay in bed, silent and still, heavy with the guilt of what they’d just done. But it was accompanied by a feeling Celeste hadn’t felt in years, one of deep and passionate love. What happened was wrong, they both knew that. But still, they were also thankful that they had rediscovered something they had both been missing within their marriage – chemistry.

Now, they just had to figure out what to do with it. Celeste wanted to tell Tom that she wanted to make things right, that she wanted to rebuild and rekindle what had been lost. She had an idea of how she could do that without risking the stability of their marriage.

After a few quiet moments, Celeste spoke. She told Tom that she wanted to plan a romantic weekend getaway for the two of them. She wanted to give them a chance to explore the new passion they had found, as well as provide them with the opportunity to discuss their marriage and things that had been neglected.

Tom was hesitant at first, worried that it would risk the stability of their relationship, but Celeste assured him that if they discussed things honestly and openly, they could make the changes necessary to ensure that their relationship withstood this difficult ordeal.

And so, the two of them packed their bags and secretly drove out to a romantic getaway in the countryside. Over the course of their weekend stay, they discussed sadness, disappointments, worries, and fears, but most of all they discussed their love. They talked through their mistakes, their resentments, and the ways they could make things different.

They learned to remain vulnerable and honest with each other, even though it was hard. Most importantly, they learned to focus on the positive and appreciate each other for what the other does for them.

The weekend gave them a new and deeper appreciation for one another, and although it was a difficult journey, it was incredibly rewarding and life changing. They both emerged from their weekend away with a newfound commitment to their marriage and a passion that was unique to only their relationship.

Which is why when passion becomes cheating, it’s important to take a step back and reflect. Tom and Celeste both understand that their weekend away should not have taken place at the cost of their marriage but luckily it did not have to. It provided them with the chance to sit down and really talk, to understand their feelings and desires, and to make a new commitment to each other and their marriage.

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