What is the best way to meet for sex?

As with anything in life, how you meet for sex is an entirely subjective process based on individual and sometimes chance circumstance. No two experiences are the same and each and every one presents a unique opportunity to enjoy pleasure and discover new things about yourself and your partner. Meeting someone for sex can be as exciting as it is intimidating, so we’ve broken down the best and safest ways to meet for a no-strings-attached adult encounter.

Safety and Preparation

Meeting someone for sex can feel as nerve-wracking as it does thrilling, and we completely understand why. Many of us might feel “exposed” when considering this type of encounter, making it all the more important that your safety is the number one priority. You’re setting out to explore with somebody else, so you want to be sure that you’re both on the same page. Before arranging to meet someone for sex, we recommend having a conversation with your potential partner about what each of you is looking for. This not only further builds trust but it also helps to establish boundaries and ensure that all needs and expectations are met. We also recommend being honest and clear with yourself too – set out some ground rules and boundaries from the start and remember that it’s ok to say “no”.

When arranging to meet someone for sex, you may choose to share contact information such as a first name, last initial, sexual orientation and even some pictures. In a day and age where avoiding the notorious hookup culture of “ghosting” is more important than ever, it’s vital that you make sure both parties feel safe, respected and comfortable throughout the entire process. No matter how you meet someone for sex, you should always exercises caution and use your best judgement in any scenario.

Online Dating

Online dating is a great way to get in touch with people you may never have had the chance to meet in your day-to-day life. Many online dating sites and apps focus exclusively on hookups, so you can filter through profiles to find exactly what you’re looking for. Most online dating sites allow users to add a clear photo and personal details, such as gender, sexual orientation and relationship status ensuring you both feel as comfortable as possible. Not only that, you can also chat on the phone (or even Skype) before deciding if you want to meet in person.

Meeting in Person

Using a bit of personal insight, research the area for potential best suited for your meetup. Depending on what you’re looking for, a casual spot such as a bar or café may be best. Alternatively, if you’re exploring something more intimate, a quiet spot in nature or a residential neighbourhood might be more personal (or whatever suits your needs). Either way, make sure that you’re being considerate of the other person and respect the fact that you’re both discussing something personal and intimate with one another.

When meeting someone for sex in person, it’s important to select a public place and to make sure that you’re on the same page about the evening’s expectations and that you both feel safe and comfortable. We also recommend that you bring a friend along, especially if it’s your first time meeting someone from an online dating site, as it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry.

Establish a Mutual Connection

Meeting someone for sex isn’t just about the physical experience, but also about forming a connection with your partner. Building a mutual connection with your partner can seem intimidating but can be a great way for you both to enjoy the sexual experience much more than if you simply jump right in. Pick a spot that’s comfortable and set a tone of peace and relaxation – kissing, touching and exploring each other’s body can be much more enjoyable and rewarding when done in a way that puts both of you at ease.

Be honest, confident and engaging with your partner, and avoid bringing up topics of conversation that could potentially lead to an uncomfortable situation. Don’t be afraid to take things slow and find out what they are looking for and what they’re not. There’s no shame in having a conversation with someone you already know or having each other’s phone numbers. Being honest and transparent from the start will make everyone involved feel more relaxed and at ease.


Meeting someone for sex should be an adventure, but one that should always be approached with caution. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to meeting for sex, but implementing certain precautions and considerations will help ensure that your experience is safe, comfortable and as rewarding as possible. Whether you choose to meet someone online or in person, always remember to trust your gut, be honest and transparent with your partner, and have some fun!

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