Unholy Temptation at Midnight

Unholy Temptation at Midnight

By Robert Mueller

It was midnight. The starless sky was heavy with thick clouds and the air was thick with the sweet scent of burning incense. The soft glow of flickering candles lit the somber atmosphere of the small temple hidden among the shadows of the night. An altar stood at the center of the room, surrounded by a deep red velvet curtain that formed a circle around it. On the marble slab of the altar, a figure lay curled up in deep slumber, oblivious to anything that surrounded them.

It was a woman, her body draped in white linen and her hands placed upon her chest in a prayer like gesture. Her dark hair spilled out over her forehead and flowed down her neck and shoulders, giving her an ethereal aura of beauty. But the most striking feature was her eyes; her lashes curved into a deep shade of jet black and seemed to instantly captivate anyone who looked upon them.

At the temple’s entrance, unseen to the sleeping woman, stood a tall figure cloaked in darkness; it emanated a deep, ancient power that seemed to overflow from it to the very ends of the room. The stranger’s piercing eyes swept over the woman’s body lustfully and a small smirk tugged at the corners of its lips. A sinister plan had been hatched, a plan to make the woman his own.

Cautiously, the figure stepped forward, watching as the woman stirred in her sleep. He reached out, slowly and softly, his fingers caressing her skin. Instantly, her eyes snapped open, a jolt of pure pleasure surging through her body. His fingers found their way to her lips, silencing any possible scream that may have left them. His grip intensified, holding her steady and without releasing her, he slowly descended, his lips finding their way to her neck.

An involuntary gasp escaped the woman’s lips as the stranger’s hot breath contoured her skin, sending shivers of pleasure coursing through her veins. With every exhale, he intensified his grip, his lips tracing circles around her chest and neck. His hands began to explore her body, gently dancing over her curves and through her clothes. Fear and intrigue intermixed, as the thought of a stranger exploring her body left her torn between the guilt of being tempted and the excitement of someone arousing her in such a way.

The stranger moved his hands lower, brushing past her waist before finally settling around her hips. His lips continued their assault, seeking selfish pleasure and eagerly pressing against her own with a passionate lingering. He eagerly removed their clothing, allowing his hands access to her warm and inviting body. He explored every inch of her exposed form, skimming over her skin with a hunger that could only be satisfied by devouring her completely.

The sensation of his skin against hers was electric and with each stroke, her fear morphed into a wave of pleasure that surged through her veins like a drug, urging her forward and beckoning her to surrender to the darkness of this wicked game. She quivered beneath his touch and silently begged for more.

He entered her harshly and without mercy, pushing her until she reached the sweet abyss of pleasure at the end of her journey. His movements were powerful and yet they left her body trembling and desperate for more, her moans echoing around the temple and committing her sins to the night. He continued to thrust, his movements becoming increasingly aggressive until eventually, his deep grunts joined her cries of pleasure.

Then suddenly, the motions slowed and their passions simmered, until eventually, everything was quiet, save for the sound of their breaths. The stranger rose, his body pulled away from hers and as he stood, he grinned wickedly and met her gaze. “You have been conquered, my child,” he said before turning and vanishing into the shadows.

The woman lay in the silence of the night, alone and filled with the haunting sensation of the stranger’s kiss still playing on her tongue. She could still feel his touch upon her skin and the sensation of dishonor and shame that had taken grip of her soul. But beneath all of it, there laid a deeper emotion that she could not shake; an intense longing for the darkness that had become her own and an undeniable attraction to the forbidden pleasure of Unholy Temptation at Midnight.

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