Unfaithful Bliss Hidden From View

Unfaithful Bliss Hidden from View

Amy and Rob had been together for six months, living in a lovely two bedroom country house. It was a perfect home for the young couple, who had been building a life for themselves in this remote area. They were truly in love, but like any couple, had disagreements from time to time.

It was a warm summer’s morning. The birds were singing, the breeze lightly caressing the flowers, and the sun casting a beautiful golden hue over the landscape. Amy was busy in the kitchen, making breakfast while Rob showered. As she brought their breakfast to the table, Rob emerged from the bedroom, wearing nothing but a towel. He had seen Amy’s breakfast and his eyes lit up.

“You shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble,” Rob said.

“Just trying to make you happy,” Amy replied with a smile.

“Well, it certainly worked this morning.”

The couple talked and laughed over breakfast, and eventually, Rob excused himself to go to work. Amy tidied up their things and took a deep breath before getting ready to go to her own job. Around noon, Amy was just about to leave for the day, when her cell phone buzzed. She had received a text message from Rob.

“Hey Baby, I had some free time and wanted to surprise you with lunch. Meet me at the park?”

Amy smiled and quickly replied, “Yes! I’ll see you in a few.”

Five minutes later, Amy arrived at the park just as Rob pulled in with his truck. He hopped out, walked over to her and gave her a big hug and kiss.

“I thought you were working?” Amy asked.

“I was, but I needed to see you,” Rob said, a hint of mischief in his eyes.

Rob grabbed Amy’s hand and they walked together to a private, secluded area of the park. They sat down and had lunch while they talked and laughed. As they talked, Amy noticed how Rob had become more and more attentive and flirtatious with her. He kept touching her hand and leaning in closer to her face. She felt an electricity in the air.

Once they were done with their lunch, Rob stood up, smiled and suggested they take a walk around the park.

“I know of a special little hideaway, where we can be alone,” he said with a wink.

Amy’s heart started to race as she took his hand and followed him deeper into the park. Eventually, they arrived at a small, hidden gazebo surrounded by trees. Rob stepped in and gestured for Amy to join him. She did, and he pulled her closer, revealing a passionate kiss that they had both been craving.

As they kissed, Amy felt Rob’s hand move down her back and rest on her hips. His touch sent shivers down her spine and she couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. Rob pulled her closer, exploring her curves and teasing her body. As they embraced, their desire becoming even more intense, Rob gently peeled off Amy’s clothes and revealed her beauty.

Rob paused and admired Amy’s form for a moment, before bringing his mouth down to hers. He explored every inch of her body with his hands, lips, and tongue, causing her to gasp in pleasure. Amy had never felt so wanted and desired in her life.

Rob then moved lower and quickly had Amy quivering and shuddering with pleasure. He used his fingers, tongue and other skills to bring her to the brink of pleasure over and over again, until finally, Amy erupted in a beautiful orgasm.

In the aftermath of their passionate encounter, Amy and Rob lay in each other’s arms, giggling like teenagers. As Amy basked in the afterglow of their love-making, her mind quickly wandered back to one thought.

This was the kind of love she had been searching for, but had been hidden from view. This secret affair was exactly what she needed to keep her faith in true love alive.

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