Underside Of Nails Fetish

John had been having an affair with his secretary for some time, but he was at his wit’s end when it came to pleasing her in the bedroom. She was a wild and passionate lover, always craving new and exciting experiences. One day, while browsing the internet, he stumbled across something that sparked his interest – a fetish called ‘Underside of Nails’.

John had no idea what this was and was curious to know more. He soon discovered that this was a type of sexual fetish in which one partner enjoys having the underside of their nails stimulated and caressed by the other partner. The idea of this intrigued him, as he had never considered exploring something like this with his lover before.

When he showed her the website, she was just as excited as him, and they decided to give it a try that night. John went out and purchased various different types of implements for their fun, ranging from feather ticklers to soft brushes.

When they got in bed, John started by gently stroking her arms, tracing his fingertips along the underside of her nails. She moaned in pleasure as he touched them, and he began to move more firmly and purposefully, kneading and working his way up her forearm.

He brought out the soft brushes and used them to brush her nails in a circular motion. He could sense her tension growing and getting more aroused as he touched them. He moved onto her feet and continued with the same technique, brushing and sensually pressing her feet. He then moved up her legs and thighs, using the same technique, until he reached her most sensitive areas.

John could feel his own desire rising as his hands moved over her body. He wanted to pleasure her even more, so he moved back down to her feet, kneading each of her toes and underneath her nails, sending shivers of pleasure through her body.

As he moved up her body, he brought out the feather tickler and began to lightly brush it over her inner thighs and sensitive areas. She gasped in pleasure as he worked his way up her body with the tickler, and he could feel her hips arching to meet him as he stimulated her.

He hooked his fingers around each of her nails and gently tugged them as he moved up her body. She moaned in pleasure, and he could feel her entire body quiver with pleasure beneath his touch. He then moved back down to her feet and pumped his fingers into each one of her toes and underneath her nails, causing her to moan with delight.

With each stroke and caress of his hands, his desire for her grew, and soon he was positioned between her legs, thrusting deeply into her as she cried out in pleasure. She clung to him as he moved faster and faster, pushing her to the brink of orgasm until she finally exploded in a wave of pleasure.

John and his lover lay in each other’s arms afterwards, both of them ecstatic with the new experience they had just shared. He had not only made her wild with pleasure, but he had also discovered a new way to enjoy sexual pleasure himself. Underside of Nails Fetish had definitely become one of his favorite activities, and he and his lover planned to enjoy it often.

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