Under the Boardwalk

Under the Boardwalk

On a hot summer day, Jack and Sebastian walked along the beach, their feet bare, enjoying the warmth of the sand against their skin. As they walked, they passed the vendors who had set up shop along the shore in an effort to make some extra money. They smiled and waved at a few of them as they went by.

In the distance, Jack could see the boardwalk that ran the length of the beach. He’d heard about it and imagined it in his head, but he hadn’t expected it to be quite so grand. The view alone was stunning, with the ocean stretching out before them as far as the eye could see.

“Let’s go,” Sebastian said, urging Jack forward.

The pair made their way to the boardwalk, their steps echoing in the early evening air. The sun was still casting a warm, golden glow over the boardwalk and it felt like a hidden paradise. As they reached the top of it, they both agreed that it just had to be explored.

Jack and Sebastian decided to start their journey by heading under the boardwalk. The shadows cast by the planks of wood gave the pair a feeling of privacy and a sense of adventure that only comes from exploring something unknown. As they strolled, they ran their hands over the boards, feeling the roughness of the wood against their skin as if it was though the boardwalk was revealing its secrets to them.

They eventually spotted a staircase that led further into the darkness and decided to investigate. As they descended, their pace slowed to a crawl and their skin tingled in anticipation of what they would find.

The darkness finally parted and Jack and Sebastian realized the staircase had led them to a large open area beneath the boardwalk. There were several chairs, a large lounge area, and a few lamps that provided enough light to see by. In the middle of it all was a bed. The bed was a king size, with a thick, navy blue cover and several pillows.

Jack and Sebastian were both amazed by the sight of it. It was then that Jack realized why the bed was there – it was for them. As if the boardwalk was inviting them in, to spend the waning evening exploring and enjoying each other in a most intimate way.

He smiled at Sebastian, and Sebastian returned it with a knowing smile of his own. Without saying a word, they slipped their shoes off and crawled onto the bed, their hands quickly exploring each other’s bodies.

Jack and Sebastian had been seeing each other for a few months now, but the boardwalk seemed to bring out the passionate force that bonded them together. Their eyes locked and it was as if they were lost in each other.

They kissed passionately, their tongues exploring every inch of each other, their hands exploring as they went. No sooner had they started, they were losing themselves in each other. Soon enough, they were lying side-by-side, exploring each other’s bodies, feeling the heat rise in their veins.

Jack and Sebastian let their clothes fall to the side, too wrapped up in their desire for each other to even process the fact that someone could be watching them from the boardwalk up above. With only their skin separating them, they explored each other’s bodies, letting their emotions and sensations control them.

They found themselves in a place of pleasure as Sebastian finally entered Jack. As they moved as one, Jack felt as if he had never wanted anything more than this moment. Their pace quickened, their movements becoming wilder and more passionate, until finally, they both found their release in each other.

Their bodies were spent and yet, they just lay there in each other’s arms, the boardwalk their own private haven, the waves lapping underneath them. They stayed until the sun began to rise, their minds full of the moments they just shared.

Finally, they both got up, and Jack and Sebastian exchanged a satisfied smile before gathering their clothes and heading off down the stairs, hand in hand. As they reached the beach, they found a spot and laid down in the sun, exhausted but feeling more connected than ever.

As they looked out to the horizon, watching the sun rise and the boardwalk disappear in the distance, they both knew that the secrets of that evening would stay with them for a lifetime.

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