Tutoring Touches: A Student-Teacher Romance

Tutoring Touches: A Student-Teacher Romance

Dante had always been the top student in his college courses and he had a reputation for being an over achiever. He was well liked by his classmates and professors alike, so when his English professor Dr. Peters approached him after one of his classes to offer him a tutoring position, he didn’t hesitate to accept. It was a great opportunity to help out his fellow students, as well as to make a few extra dollars.

Little did Dante know, however, that the tutoring job would have a few surprises waiting for him.

The first surprise occurred on the day of his first tutoring session with Dr. Peters. When he arrived, he was expecting to see his usual unassuming professor, but the man who opened the door was definitely not what he had expected. Gone was the nerdy, bespectacled man who normally stood at the lectern. Instead, Dr. Peters was wearing glasses with stylish frames that really suited him, and his dark hair was freshly trimmed. He was definitely more attractive than Dante had originally thought.

The second surprise emerged when Dr. Peters started their tutoring session. The professor came up to Dante and placed a hand on his shoulder, and Dante felt a sudden rush of excitement that he hadn’t felt before. Dr. Peters began to explain his tutoring method to Dante, which involved teaching the student through physical touch. This raised Dante’s awareness to new heights as he couldn’t believe that his professor would be so forward.

But as it turned out, Dr. Peters’ methods were actually quite effective. Dante found himself opening up more to his professor’s touch and as he did, he felt a strong connection between them. It wasn’t long before Dante found himself fantasizing about Dr. Peters and he realized that he was attracted to the professor.

Dante just couldn’t shake the feeling of desire for his professor, even through their tutoring sessions. He knew that there were rules to follow and that he couldn’t act on his feelings, but he found himself drawn to Dr. Peters more and more.

The final surprise occurred one night while they were studying late in the professor’s office. Dante had been watching his professor furtively, feeling more and more attracted to him with each passing moment. Finally, he mustered up the courage to speak, telling Dr. Peters that he couldn’t deny his feelings anymore and offering to do whatever the professor required of him.

Dr. Peters had a twinkle in his eye and he slowly moved closer to Dante. He cupped his student’s face in his hands and kissed him, reveling in the electricity that ran between them. From that moment on, Tutoring Touches had evolved into something more – a risky, yet incredibly exciting student-teacher romance.

The romance between Dante and Dr. Peters blossomed in the months that followed and soon, the two men were spending almost all of their time together. The physical aspect of their romance was always intense and passionate, filled with slow and intimate touches. The sensations that Dante felt in Dr. Peters’ presence were indescribable and Dante soon realized that he never wanted their time together to end.

Their relationship wasn’t without its risks, however. Despite the fact that the college had a strict policy about students and teachers dating, the two men were determined to keep their relationship secret. When not in the professor’s office, they kept their hands off of each other, but even in public, Dante could feel the tension between them. It seemed like they would burst into passion at any moment and it felt as if they were constantly playing a game of cat and mouse, neither one willing to give in.

In the end, it was this intensity that drove Dante and Dr. Peters closer together and eventually, the two of them decided that they wanted to be together for real. Dr. Peters took the necessary steps to leave the college, allowing them to finally be in a relationship without any risks and with all the love they both deserved.

It’s been a few years since Dante and Dr. Peters made their arrangement and they are still together today. Their relationship has only grown stronger and they can now look back fondly on the tutoring session that started it all. Tutoring Touches will always remain an important part of their story and they owe it all to the sparks that flew between them that first day.

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