Stevie had been watching porn for years. Movies that featured all sorts of different kinds of action, from mild to wild. But the one thing that really got her going was watching tubeincest. Something about two close relatives engaging in sexual activities, sometimes even going all the way to full-on intercourse, was very exciting for her.

She found herself fantasizing about being in the position of one of the characters in the videos. She would imagine what it would be like to be in the same room as that person and to feel their body against hers. It was all very exciting.

One day, Stevie decided to take the plunge and actually pursue her fantasies. She reached out to a professional escort service and put in a request for someone to come to her place. She wanted someone who looked like they could be related to her, and after a bit of searching, she found the perfect candidate.

The escort arrived at her place right on time and introduced himself as her cousin, Robert. He was a tall, handsome man with piercing blue eyes and a muscular physique. He looked like he could easily have been related to her. She was a bit apprehensive, but decided to go through with it.

Stevie and Robert began to kiss, hesitatingly at first, but the kiss became more passionate as their inhibitions began to fade. They explored each other’s bodies with their hands, finding out what felt the best for each of them. Stevie found herself becoming aroused as Robert caressed her body and kissed her neck.

Robert began to take things further and moved to take off his clothes. He encouraged Stevie to do the same, and she complied eagerly. By this point, her desire was so strong that she could scarcely think of anything else but feeling Robert’s body against her own.

As the two of them lay on the bed, they continued to kiss and explore each other’s bodies. Stevie discovered new pleasure points as Robert moved his hands and lips over her skin. She found herself getting increasingly aroused by the sensation and wanted more of it.

Robert began to move down her body, finally reaching her most sensitive areas. Stevie moaned in pleasure as he licked between her legs. He moved his mouth over her clitoris, giving her intense pleasure. She responded in kind and began to lick up and down his shaft.

Robert then entered her and began thrusting, as Stevie wrapped her legs around him. The sensation was amazing and she wanted it to last forever. They moved in sync with each other, their mouths never far apart as they shared passionate kisses.

Finally, Robert reached his peak and finished, leaving Stevie both satisfied and wanting more. The two of them lay embracing each other afterwards, both exhausted from the pleasure they had just experienced. This was definitely one moment Stevie would never forget.

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