Ts Escort Middlesbrough

Ts Escort Middlesbrough: A Sexy Evening of Adult Fun

Ts Escort Middlesbrough was known as a wild party town and there was no better place to look for a night of adult fun than Middlesbrough. The city had a reputation for having some of the best escorts in the country and Ts Escorts Middlesbrough were particularly sought after.

I had been invited to a party in celebrate a friend’s birthday, but I was a little concerned that my date might not be up to the task. So, when I heard about the Ts Escorts Middlesbrough, I decided to go ahead and book one of the girls for the night.

The Ts Escort Middlesbrough I chose was a stunningly beautiful lady by the name of Jess. She was tall and slim with long, silky dark hair and curves in all the right places. Her skin was smooth and unblemished and her eyes were a deep, mesmerizing blue. Her beauty was enhanced by her intelligence and wit, which she used to great effect when we talked.

Once we had chosen the perfect dress for her to wear, we headed out to the party. As I had suspected, she was the belle of the ball, even in the company of the other beautiful women that were present. We spent the evening talking and flirting and the chemistry between us was electric.

By the end of the evening, I was certain that things were headed in a more intimate direction. We weren’t able to talk about it openly, but the look in her eyes said it all. We both wanted to take it to the next level and I was just about to make my move when she took my hand and said it was time for us to go.

Once we were in the taxi, she suggested that we go back to my place. I had to agree and, as we drove, she asked if I wanted her to give me a massage. I said that I did and then I found myself lying on the bed as she used her hands to soothe away the stress and tension of the day.

Jess then started to undress me and I was soon totally naked. She then started to explore my body with her soft, gentle hands. It didn’t take long before I was totally aroused and then she began to pleasure me with her mouth. It was an experience that I will never forget.

After she had finished pleasuring me, we moved on to sex and then finally, she asked me to do something that I had never done before. She asked me to penetrate her anally and, although I was a little apprehensive, I complied.

When the deed was done I felt a sense of accomplishment and we then cuddled up in bed and talked until the early hours of the morning.

By the time the sun had come up, we were both exhausted and it was time for us to go our separate ways. I hugged her tight and thanked her for the wonderful night we had shared and then I watched as she walked away, disappearing into the night.

That night with Ts Escort Middlesbrough will always stay with me, and I’ll never forget the passion and pleasure that we shared that evening.

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