Training A Gay Slave

Sam was an alpha male, and he liked to be in control. He had always loved dominating those he was intimate with and now he had desired a challenge. He had heard from a friend about the exciting concept of a slave training session and the possibility of a homosexual slave. Intrigued, he decided to look into it further.

Sam found a reputable agency who specialized in training gay slaves. After a few emails exchanged, Sam set up a consultation with the agency. He was asked a few questions about his desires and limits and then it was decided that he would be paired with a young, eager slave.

It was strange to Sam that he was engaging in something he had only read about in the past, but he found himself more excited than apprehensive. He arrived at the agency and immediately felt the thrill of power and domination that was in the air. He was paired with a slave named Edward, who was in his early twenties. He was slim and had short brown hair and hazel eyes.

Sam and Edward stood in the training room, both of them a bit intimidated and nervous. But as soon as Sam took control of the situation, Edward’s apprehension seemed to melt away. Sam walked around Edward and inspected him, admiring how attractive he was. He had a strong muscular body, and Sam knew he would be able to dominate him easily.

After inspecting Edward, Sam began to explain his expectations and all of the rules he wanted Edward to abide by. He was stern but not cruel, and Edward seemed to understand what was expected of him. After Sam had finished, it was time for the real training to begin.

“I want you to strip for me, Edward,” Sam said firmly. Edward complied without hesitation, removing his clothing and standing naked before Sam. Sam felt a surge of arousal as he admired Edward’s body. His heart was pounding and he felt the thrill of possessiveness.

He began to explain all of the activities that would be expected of Edward in order to properly train him. He talked about how Edward was to address him, how he was to serve him, and how he was to pleasure him. Edward listened intently, understanding that in order to be a successful slave he needed to obey.

Sam then began to show Edward the ropes, literally. He tied Edward up with various ropes and showed him how to restrain himself in various positions. Edward was taught how to properly pleasure Sam with his mouth and hands, and then Sam explained what specific activities were expected during sex. Edward was to be submissive and obey all of Sam’s commands.

Over the following days, Sam went over all aspects of slave training with Edward. He taught Edward how to properly groom himself, how to respond to commands, and how to properly demonstrate his obedience. Edward seemed to be a natural and was eager to please Sam.

Eventually, it came to the sexual aspect of the training. Sam went over various positions and activities with Edward, demonstrating how he wanted them to be done. Edward complied with everything, allowing himself to be dominated by Sam. Sam felt a thrill run through him as he watched Edward perform his tasks.

The sexual training sessions continued for weeks, with Edward proving to be an adept pupil. His obedience and willingness to submit made Sam feel powerful and aroused. Eventually, it came time for Edward to demonstrate his skill in a practical exercise.

Sam took Edward to a brothel, where a professional slave awaited them. He instructed Edward to demonstrate all of the knowledge he had gained throughout his training in order to please the mistress. Edward was apprehensive but Sam reassured him that he would do fine.

The session began with Edward kneeling before the mistress and kissing her feet. She asked him to give her pleasure and he answered with obedience. He demonstrated all of the techniques he had been taught, bringing pleasure to the mistress in a variety of ways.

The session lasted for more than an hour and when it was done, the mistress was more than pleased with Edward’s performance. Sam was proud of his protégé, who had proven to be an attentive and obedient slave. From that day forward, Edward was the perfect slave and Sam enjoyed having him under his control.

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