The Naughty Student’s Surprise Exam

The Naughty Student’s Surprise Exam

It started off as a typical day at school for the naughty student Tommy, who had more than enough trouble paying attention to his classes and keeping his grade average up. But on this particular day, his professor had something special planned for him.

Tommy paid close attention in class, trying to be extra studious, since he knew that his professor wasn’t one to call attention to his failures. But then his professor did something that made Tommy sit up and take notice.

“Tommy,” Professor Miller said, “I have a surprise exam for you today. It’s an advanced course and I expect you to perform to the highest standards. If you do, then you’ll get extra credit that will go towards your grade.” Tommy was surprised, but before he could protest or even think of a way to get out of this, Professor Miller added, “This is a special exam – it’s a sensual exam. Everything you do or don’t do will be based on whether or not I consider it adequately sexy.”

Tommy was speechless. He had no idea what to expect, and he was nervous, but the prospect of extra credit drove him forward. Professor Miller made it clear that failure was not an option, and that extra credit could be awarded for creative thinking and improvised techniques.

The lessons in the exam began with elements of foreplay, from kissing and touching to nibbling and licking. As the lessons progressed, the exam became more complex, with more intimate techniques such as oral sex, fingering, and intercourse included. All the while, Professor Miller watched and commented, making sure that Tommy was getting the lesson.

Tommy was relieved when the exam was finally over, and it wasn’t until then that he noticed that his grades had been adjusted and he had received bonus points for completing the exam. He was surprised, but he also felt a wave of pleasure coursing through him as he realized that his extra work had paid off.

Tommy was never quite sure what made Professor Miller bring him into the sensual exam, but it had taught him a lot. He felt more confident when it came to sex, knowing how to please his partner and how to please himself. He would always look fondly on those tight classes and remember the naughty student’s surprise exam.

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