The Forbidden Affair

The Forbidden Affair

It had been six months since I had last seen her. Mayra. She was my ex-girlfriend but we had never quite parted ways. Our relationship was unconventional and toxic but we just couldn’t seem to stay away from each other. We had promised each other never to meet again but yet I found ourselves meeting up clandestinely every once in a while. Our affections for each other were still strong, despite everything that had happened between us. I knew it was wrong, and I knew it was dangerous, but I needed her fix that only she could provide. I had even mentioned it once to a few people and they called it a forbidden affair.

At first, I didn’t know why I needed her so much. She was beautiful and kind in her own way, but I had never thought about the idea of being so passionate about someone else before; until I had met her. We had grown close quickly, and our physical relationship was strong from the onset. It was as if some primal force drew us together, and we just couldn’t help but explore each other.

The time we spent together was often frenzied and reckless, and we would often find ourselves making bad decisions. We would go to seedy bars and wander around unfamiliar areas of town at night, and we both had an obsession with exploring the darker side of human sexuality. My friends were used to hearing the stories of the wild adventures she and I went on, and they would joke about me not being able to keep away from her because I was addicted to the forbidden affair.

We would often engage in activities that were illegal and often crossed the boundaries of common decency. We experimented with rough sex, BDSM, and often hired prostitutes or escorts to act as our playthings. I found myself crossing every boundary of morality in order to satisfy our desires, and I could often feel myself getting lost in the depths of depravity. It was exhilarating to push ourselves further and further into this wild and dangerous world, and I often looked forward to our next rendezvous with an eager anticipation.

Our physical relationship was the most stimulating part of our relationship, with an intensity that almost burned to the touch. We kissed with an animalistic hunger and our bodies seemed to melt into each other, as if we were one. We explored each other, never stopping until we reached our peak of pleasure. We would suck and lick each other until we couldn’t bear it any longer and then collapse into a heap of blissful exhaustion.

Our sex was so passionate and wild that it was almost as if there was no tomorrow. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes when I entered her for the first time; a look of sheer pleasure and desire. We would moan and groan into each other’s ears as we explored each other’s bodies, and I often felt myself quickly slipping away into a state of unparalleled arousal.

This was our forbidden affair, and we knew that it was dangerous but we couldn’t help ourselves. We both knew that we had to keep it a secret, or else we could both face jail time or worse. We were two people in love with each other, but not in love with society and its rules. We were rebels and we were both willing to take risks to satisfy each other, and we often explored the extreme boundaries of our relationship. There was no limit to what we would do to explore our physical connection, and we soon found ourselves even purchasing dirty lingerie and sex toys for our evenings together.

Each time we met, I felt my heart skip a beat as I looked into her beautiful eyes. I knew that each encounter could possibly be our last, but I felt like I was willing to take that risk in order to experience a few moments of pure bliss with her. The forbidden affair had brought us closer than I ever thought possible, and even though we both knew that there was no future for us, it didn’t stop us from indulging in our fantasies and exploring the depths of our psyches.

We were quickly drawn into a world of pleasure and danger, and our sessions often spilled into the night as we lost ourselves in each other’s embrace. I would often spend hours worshipping her body, exploring her femininity with my hands and my mouth, until I was lost in a sea of desire. We both wanted more and more from each other, and we often found ourselves pushing our boundaries and discovering new levels of pleasure. Our bodies seemed to respond to each other like magnets, and this was something that I had never experienced before with anyone else.

We were together for many months, indulging in our forbidden affair and satisfying each other’s needs. But all good things come to an end. As the weeks passed by, I could feel her slipping away and I knew what was coming. Without a word, we ended it. We said our goodbyes and I felt something inside me break. I had found something special in her, something I had never found before. But I had to respect her decision and leave her to find her own path.

I miss her every day, and often find myself dreaming of the passionate encounters we had together. I will never forget the intense pleasure and happiness I felt when we were together, and it often brings tears to my eyes. I will never love someone like I have loved her, and I will always remember the forbidden affair that had changed me forever.

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