The Cuckold Massage

“The Cuckold Massage: A Hot, Explicit Tale of Infidelity and Pleasure”

It all started out innocently enough. Craig and his wife Jessica had been married for several years, and their sex life had become, for lack of a better word, routine. Craig wanted to do something special for his wife, something to spice up their bedroom antics and make things fun again. So, he began searching online for something different.

That’s when he stumbled upon the concept of a cuckold massage. Intrigued, he read more about it. A cuckold massage is a type of massage service which is designed for couples who wish to explore the idea of infidelity in the bedroom. The massage focuses on the wife, with the idea that the husband will remain in the room, while the masseuse takes her to the heights of pleasure.

Craig mulled it over, wondering if this is what he was looking for. Before he could decide, he received a text message from his wife – she wanted to try it. He was both shocked and delighted – he’d been wanting to spice things up, but he had no idea she was game.

The next thing he knew, they had booked a session with a masseuse. They arrived at her studio and were immediately put at ease by her professional demeanor. After being offered drinks, they were led to the massage table, where Craig and Jessica disrobed and lay down.

The masseuse began with a normal massage, kneading their muscles and then focusing on their erogenous zones. She was incredibly skilled, taking them both to the brink of pleasure without pushing either of them over the edge. As she worked, she spoke with them about their relationship, introducing them to the idea of infidelity in the bedroom.

Craig and Jessica were both intrigued and aroused. They’d never before considered it, but the idea was thrilling. The masseuse then began to use her hands to bring Jessica to orgasm. She was incredibly skilled, bringing Jessica to the edge of pleasure and then backing off, teasing her until she begged for more.

Once Jessica had finished, it was Craig’s turn. The masseuse focused her attention on him, teasing his body with her hands and even her mouth. He was quickly brought to the brink of pleasure and then, when she felt he was ready, she took him over the edge, sending him into a blissful state of orgasmic pleasure.

Once they were both finished, the masseuse then introduced them to the concept of cuckolding. She explained that the idea was for Jessica to find someone else to pleasure her, while Craig would be there to watch. She told them that it could be incredibly stimulating for both partners, and that if they were willing, she knew of a discreet escort service which could provide them with the perfect man for the job.

Craig and Jessica agreed, and soon enough they had made arrangements with a professional escort. A few days later, they met with him at his hotel room. He was handsome, confident, and very well-endowed. Jessica was instantly aroused, and before long she and the escort were exploring each other’s bodies in a passionate display of lust. Craig watched in awe as his wife pleasured herself with the escort, and soon enough she was calling out his name in pleasure.

Afterwards, Craig and Jessica lay in bed for hours, talking about the experience. Both of them found it incredibly stimulating, and they agreed to continue exploring the concept of cuckolding in their bedroom.

The Cuckold massage had opened up a new world of pleasure for Craig and Jessica and, since that night, they have continued to explore the concept and experience new levels of pleasure together. They now look forward to their monthly cuckold massage sessions, finding them incredibly stimulating and incredibly pleasurable.

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