The Biggest Fantasy of All

The Biggest Fantasy of All

As alone as Sarah was she was never one to shy away from temptation. She had always been very adventurous in her choices, often preferring a bit of risk in whatever she did. Whether it was trying a new exotic food, exploring an unfamiliar city, or even making the decision to take a job in a completely different part of the country, she always jumped in head first.

Tonight, however, Sarah was determined to embark on an adventure that would leave her feeling completely satisfied in ways she had never experienced before. For years she had had this fantasy, an idea of the kind of person she wanted to be with and the kind of experiences she wanted to have.

But the fantasy had always stayed just that—a fantasy. Until now. Now, Sarah was ready to take the plunge and make her biggest fantasy come true.

Sarah arrived in a quiet town near the city that she had moved to for her job. She had called ahead to arrange for a private driver to come and pick her up and take her wherever she wanted to go. She was unsure where to begin her journey so she simply asked the driver to take her wherever he thought would be best.

It wasn’t until Sarah’s driver pulled up in front of a discreet residential neighborhood that Sarah realized she was at the right place. As she stepped out of the car and looked around, Sarah spotted a few rather attractive women entering and exiting a nearby apartment building. Instantly, Sarah knew that this was where she was meant to be—she was on the hunt for the perfect escort for the night.

Sarah spent the next few hours searching for the perfect girl. She asked around, talked to people in the area, and even checked out some of the escorts for herself. Eventually, Sarah found what she had been looking for—a young, beautiful, and feisty redheaded escort. She got in the car and immediately started up a conversation with the escort, learning all about her and her intriguing lifestyle.

The two drove to a nearby hotel and Sarah booked a room for them. As they entered, Sarah couldn’t help but feel incredibly aroused as they started to get more comfortable and shed their clothes.

The escort, who she had decided to call Estelle, asked Sarah to sit on the edge of the bed and instructed her to close her eyes and lay back. The next thing Sarah knew, she was engulfed in pleasure as Estelle gently kissed her neck and caressed her body. Sarah’s arousal grew to a whole new level as Estelle slowly made her way down her body, never settling too long in one spot. She grazed Sarah’s breasts before slowly making her way lower and lower until Sarah felt the undeniable feeling of Estelle’s lips wrapped around her clitoris. With Estelle’s mouth creating intense pleasure between her legs, Sarah could barely contain her cries of pleasure.

Estelle soon moved away and Sarah opened her eyes to find that she was now laying on her back with Estelle hovering over her. As she looked up into Estelle’s eyes she finally understood why Estelle and the many other escorts she had spoken to before had recommended her. Estelle’s gaze was hypnotic, almost spiritual. In an instant, Sarah knew that with Estelle she could explore the depths of her desires and find sensual freedom that she had never experienced before.

Sarah immediately understood why people were so drawn to the fantasy of being with an escort. It wasn’t about sex per se; it was about the feeling of being completely accepted and appreciated. With Estelle, Sarah felt desired and valued in a way she had never experienced before.

The two proceeded to explore each other’s bodies in a passionate frenzy. Estelle teased and licked and caressed in ways that Sarah had only dreamed about. Every moment was truly a unique and exhilarating experience for Sarah, as every inch of her body seemed alive and sensitive to Estelle’s touch. Soon enough, the two were both filled with pleasure, with Estelle skillfully playing with Sarah’s body and pleasing her in ways she had never expected. As they moved together and the night drew on, Sarah finally realized why Estelle and her profession were so widely desired—the escort lifestyle really was the ultimate way to make all of one’s biggest fantasies come true.

At the end of the night, as they lay in each other’s arms, Sarah felt like a whole new person. The feeling of complete sexual satisfaction and fulfilled desires had left her feeling rejuvenated and content. She had finally experienced the kind of pleasure that she had only dreamed about and she couldn’t imagine where her journey would take her next. In the end, she knew one thing—the biggest fantasy of all wasn’t just a dream, it was reality. And Sarah was finally living it.

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