The Biggest Fantasy of All

The Biggest Fantasy of All

It was a dark night in the city; the kind of night that is full of possibilities and unrestrained desires. I was walking along the streets, looking for anything that might catch my eye and give my night an added thrill. I passed by a brothel and saw an exotic-looking woman leaning against the door, and that’s when I knew my night was about to get interesting.

She met my gaze and smiled seductively, as if she knew the thoughts that were running through my mind. I felt my heart skip a beat and my body heat up in anticipation. She was dressed in a tight red dress, which showed off her curves in all the right places and I couldn’t help but feel aroused by the sight of her.

I followed her inside the brothel and she took me to a room upstairs. She told me to make myself comfortable while she went and fetched something special, something that would give me the biggest fantasy of all. When she returned, she had a box in her hand and she opened it up to reveal a whole array of sex toys.

She didn’t have to explain what she was going to do with them, I already knew. She began by straddling me and using a vibrator on my cock. I gasped as the vibrations ran through my body, making me shudder with pleasure. She then moved onto using a dildo inside of me, thrusting it in and out as I moaned and writhed with pleasure beneath her.

After I was sufficiently aroused, she asked me to turn over, and when I did, she began to lick and kiss every inch of my body. I could feel her hot breath on my skin as she sent shivers of pleasure through my body. She worked her way down my body, taking her time to explore and enjoy every curve.

As she worked her way down to my cock, I let my fantasy run wild. I imagined her on her knees, her mouth engulfing me as she pleasured me with her mouth. I let out a gasp as I felt her tongue wrap around my shaft and I felt my body quiver in anticipation.

Her tongue licked and flicked around my head and shaft, making my cock throb with pleasure. Her movements were slow and deliberate and I knew she was intent on giving me the biggest fantasy of all. She then began to suck and lick my balls as I felt my entire body stiffen in pleasure.

The sensation was too intense and I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed her head and thrust my hips forward, pushing my cock deep into her throat. I moved my hips in circles as I felt her mouth engulfing me and my moans of pleasure echoed through the room.

She began to suck and lick faster and faster and before I knew it I was about to climax. I let out a loud moan and felt my body shake as I exploded in pleasure. The sensation was intense and I felt my whole body quivering in pleasure.

Finally, when my orgasm had subsided, I lay there exhausted and content. The biggest fantasy of all had become reality and I knew it was something I would never forget. I thanked her and kissed her before getting dressed and leaving the brothel.

As I walked away, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I had experienced the biggest fantasy of all. And I knew that promise of pleasure and satisfaction was something I would be back for in the near future.

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