The Beginning After The End Ch 143

The Beginning After the End: Ch 143 Hot Sex Story

Lara had always been a free spirit, but never so much as on the night of her twenty-first birthday. She had been alone in her room, drinking champagne and celebrating her newfound independence, when an unexpected knock at the door had startled her. It was the last thing she had expected, but the moment she had opened the door, she had felt an instant connection to the man standing there.

He had introduced himself as Robert, and he had asked if he could come in. Despite the nagging voice in the back of her head that was telling her this was a bad idea, Lara could not help but be drawn in by Robert’s dark eyes and mysterious aura. Before she knew it, they were in her bedroom, talking and flirting like old friends.

Robert had asked if he could take her out that night, to celebrate her birthday. To her surprise, Lara had agreed, and the two of them had left her small apartment and headed out for a night on the town.

They had gone to a few bars and then to a dance club, where Lara had truly let her hair down and enjoyed the evening with Robert. She had felt free and wild, and as the night progressed, Lara could feel the heat between herself and Robert build.

When they had left the club, Robert had suggested they go to a hotel. He had said that he wanted to make the night even more special for her, and Lara had agreed without a moment’s hesitation. She had wanted to spend the night with him, and a hotel seemed like the perfect place.

When they arrived at the hotel, they had gone up to the room that Robert had booked. As soon as they were inside, they had started kissing passionately. Lara had been filled with desire, and it was not long before her inhibitions had melted away. She had wanted Robert more than anything, and she had been more than ready to indulge in the pleasure of his body.

Robert had started off slowly, exploring the contours of Lara’s body with his hands and mouth. He had made her feel cherished and adored, and Lara had started to forget about all the worries and concerns in her life. As their lovemaking grew in intensity, Lara had been lost in sensation, feeling ecstasy and pleasure like she had never experienced before.

Robert had been an attentive and skilled lover. He had been gentle, yet passionate, and Lara had felt worshiped in his arms. She had been swept away in the moment, feeling every kiss and caress as if it were a new discovery.

When the night had finally come to an end, Lara felt like she was floating on a cloud. She had been in awe of what she and Robert had shared, and the memory of their lovemaking was still burning in her mind and body. As they had said their goodbyes, Lara had vowed to herself that she would never forget this night, and that she would always treasure the memory of it.

The next morning, when Lara woke up, she knew that the night before had been more than just a one-time fling. What she had felt with Robert had been real, and something special grew between them. From that day forward, they had been a couple, and Lara’s life had changed forever.

Fast forward five years, and Lara was still just as in love with Robert as she had been on their first night together. They had moved in together and were living a comfortable life in a nice apartment. During the week, Lara would go to work, while Robert was in charge of running the household.

One Friday afternoon, Lara came home to find something unexpected. Robert had filled their room with candles, and he was wearing nothing but a pair of white boxers. He had set up a romantic scene of seduction that was both sexy and mysterious.

Lara could not believe it when Robert had removed his boxers and revealed his naked body. He had been chiselled and toned from head to toe, and Lara felt a thrill as she looked at him. As he had come closer to her, Lara had felt her heart beat faster and faster.

Robert had taken Lara in his arms and kissed her tenderly. As the kiss deepened in intensity, their desire for each other had been undeniable. Robert had started to explore Lara’s body with his hands, running them across her curves and arousing her desire even further.

He had started to undress her, and Lara had been filled with a burning intensity. As they had moved together, the heat between them had been overwhelming. Robert had been gentle and passionate, and every kiss and caress felt like a new discovery.

Their lovemaking had been wild and intense, and Lara had felt pleasure like she had never felt before. As they reached their climax together, Lara had been filled with an intense pleasure and a deep connection with Robert.

When they had finished, Lara had been left feeling a dizzying combination of joy and bliss. She had known in that moment what true love felt like, and she had never forgotten it.

It had been an unforgettable night, and though Lara had had many more experiences with Robert over the years, it had always been the night of her twenty-first birthday that had held the most special place in her heart.

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